Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NEW Series for 2014

In 2014 we welcome six new series to the Keepsake Ornament line up. Let's take a look!

Tin Toys #1 - Big Top Bear
1795QX9236 - Tom Best
This new series will feature a crafted metal design inspired by antique tin toys.
Big Top Bear is first in the new series and the ball between his feet really turns!

Kringle and Kris #1
1495QX9226 - Kristina Gaughran
The new Kringle and Kris series will feature Santa and his reindeer buddy enjoying holiday activities together. In the first in series, Kringle and Kris are checking their list to find out who has been naughty and nice.

Tis the Seasoning #1
1495QX9233 - Rodney Gentry & Sharon Visker
Tis the Seasoning features salt and pepper shakers inspired by the Christmas season. First in the series is a sweet gingerbread boy with a bottle of milk, a perfect combination! You might also be interested in the 2013 Tis the Seasoning - a pre-series complement - featuring a delightful snow-couple. 
 Family Game Night #1 Sorry
1595QX9246 - Matt Johnson & Rodney Gentry
Featuring favorite family games that will remind you of family fun - this new series is sure to be a favorite.

Marjolein's Garden #1 - Simple Gifts
1795QX9526 - Julie Forsyth, Designed by Marjolein Bastin
This new series will depict scenes inspired by the work of popular artist, Marjolein Bastin.

A Year of Disney Magic #1 - Minnie Has A Ball!
1295QHA1022 - Orville Wilson
Minnie Has A Ball is first in the new "Monthly" series - A Year of Disney Magic.
Beginning in July 2014 a new piece will be available each month featuring different Disney characters depicting seasonal themes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 Hallmark Keepsake Club Ornaments

The 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) ornaments are ....


Mice Cream Sundae
Kristina Gaughran & Robert Hurlburt
According to Keepsake Artist Kristina Gaughran, "When I sketched out this concept years ago, one of my husband's favorite foods was ice cream. With this ornament, I just wanted to create a fun and whimsical representation of him and his love for it."
Christmas Window #12 - Nina's Nook
Nina Aubé
In Christmas Window 2014, Keepsake Artist Nina Aubé pays homage to the small, mom and pop craft stores she loved to visit as a child. The ornament features handmade crafts on the counter, including a hanging wreath and a snowman with metallic garland.
Santa's Grandfather Clock
Edythe Kegrize
What would a Black Forest cuckoo clock look like if you supersized it into a full-blown grandfather clock, complete with an alpine top designed like a Swiss chalet, pine trees and a few woodland creatures for good measure? Keepsake Artist Edythe Kegrize decided to find out with Santa's Grandfather Clock.

 Members have the opportunity to purchase the following bonus ornaments when renewing.

Victorian Dollhouse Repaint
Keepsake Artists
This completely re-engineered repaint of the 2013 KOC Event ornament features contributions from the entire Keepsake studio.
Teddy Bear Maker
Kristina Gaughran
Inspired by Kristina's son and his beloved furry friend.

 These limited quantity ornaments will be available at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores available for purchase with your KOC Membership card during the indicated Keepsake events.

Dorothy in the Poppy Fields
Madame Alexander
$24.95 * Debra Nielsen
Second in the Wizard of Oz themed Madame Alexander ornaments.Available for purchase beginning
Ornament Premiere Weekend
July 12-13, 2014
Santas Around the World - France
$17.95 * Edythe Kegrize
A new edition to the very popular Santas Around the World collection. His basket is filled with traditional French foods to pay homage to the French Christmas Eve feast, "le Reveillon."Available for purchase beginning
September 6, 2014
1949 Mercury Custom
$19.95 * Don Palmiter
Available for purchase beginning
Ornament Debut Weekend
October 4-5, 2014

Douglas J Spruce - Snowtop Lodge
$19.95 * Joanne Eschrich
Douglas J Spruce was originally a 2012 tabletop piece,
he is now offered as an ornament.
Available for purchase beginning
Holiday Open House Weekend

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hallmark Keepsake Celebrations

There's a new line of everyday ornaments from Hallmark Keepsakes in stores now. Keepsake Celebrations include a variety of ornaments that are perfect for gift giving and are available year round. The collection includes 13 ornaments. Each ornament features a "special message" and is dated. Most ornaments in this collection are clearly dated. All ornament boxes for this collection are clearly dated 2014 on the top of the box.
Browse Collection at Hooked on Ornaments

Time To Fly
Glass - 3 7/8" H - 1495QHG1223
Artist: Ruth Donikowski
On ornament: "The best is yet to be."
A real feather is inside this glass ornament symbolizing a goal or dream. Dated "2014" on ornament charm. Recommended for any life change event such as graduation, retirement, new career, etc.
A Mother's Love
Porcelain - 3 5/8" H - 1495QHG1206
Artist: Ruth Donikowski
Porcelain butterfly wings surround a heart that reads "Mother is another word for Love." Dated 2014 on the back. A lovely gift for mom on Mother's Day, her birthday, or any day.
Anniversary Celebration
Metal - 3 7/8" H - 1795QGO1166
Artist: Edythe Kegrize
Metal bell ornament features a wreath with two red cardinals. Ornament is dated 2014. Includes tokens to personalize the ornament. There are five heart shaped charms that act as the clapper for the bell - blank, 10th, 25th, 40th and 50th.
Our Wedding
Photo Holder - 4" H - 1495QGO1153
Artist: Debra Nielsen
This elegant photo holder can be personalized with your photo and the included stickers.
Personalization sticker reads: Happy Couple__________ Our Wedding Date________
Baby's First Christmas
Porcelain - 3 1/2" H - 1995QGO1016
Artist: Ruth Donikowski
Porcelain ornament is dated 2014 and reads "Baby's First Christmas."
A lovely gift for a new baby, baby shower or baby's first Christmas. 
Baby's First Birthday
Photo holder - 4 1/2" H - 1295QGO1053
Artist: Nina Aube
Insert your photo to personalize this ornament commemorating Baby's First Birthday. Ornament is dated with a small 2014 on the back. A sweet gift for Baby's First Birthday.
Little Hands
Porcelain - 5 1/2" H - 1795QGO1203
Artist: Terri Steiger
This hand print/photo holder ornament makes a lasting memory or your special little one. Ornament is dated 2014. On ornament: "little hands forever in my heart"
A memorable gift for new baby, baby shower, Baby's First Birthday or First Christmas.
New Home
3 3/8" H - 1795QGO1143
Artist: Terri Steiger
Commemorate a new home with this dated 2014 gingerbread house.
Always Remembered
Porcelain - 5 3/8" H - 1795QGO1146
Artist: Tammy Haddix & Becky Hottel
This seashell shaped ornament cradles a blue heart. On ornament: "Every life leaves something beautiful behind." Ornament charm is dated 2014. A caring gift to celebrate the life of someone special - for bereavement or the anniversary of a loss.
Season of Faith
Porcelain - 4 5/8" H - 1795QGO1183
Artist: Terri Steiger
Heart shaped porcelain ornament reads: "With Faith all things are possible."
Dated on the bottom of the cross. A lovely gift to celebrate faith - christening, baptism, confirmation, or every day.
3 5/8" H - 1795QHG1213
Artist: Debra Nielsen
Personalize this photo holder ornament with your graduate's photo. Dated 2014. On ornament: "Life is an adventure. Live it!" Perfect for High School or College graduation.
Happy Big Birthday
4 3/8" H - 1495QHG1216
Artist: Tom Best
Personalize this birthday ornament with the included stickers to celebrate birthday milestones. Stickers include 0-9, 30, 40, 50, 60
Photo Holder - 3 3/4" H - 1495QHG1226
Artist: Sharon Visker
Personalize this ornament with your photo and the included personalization sticker.
Personalization sticker reads: Nombre __________ Fecha _______
Display Stand
4" W x 9" H - 1495QHG1233
Display stand for the Keepsake Celebrations collection.
Expires: March 14, 2014


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hallmark Ornaments Sold Out List

I thought we'd take a quick look today at the ornaments that have sold out at the Hallmark warehouses. These are Hallmark ornaments that retailers are no longer able to place new orders for, what's in the stores and on order are basically all there are. You probably want to consider purchasing these items right away if they are on your "wants" list.

Hooked on Ornaments does currently have all of these items in stock. 

 Anniversary Celebration
View Details

. . .

Baby's First Birthday
View Details

. . .

Crayola, Big Box of 64
View Details

. . .

 Football Legends
Marcus Allen - Los Angeles Raiders
View Details

. . .

Football Legends
Marcus Allen - Kansas City Chiefs
View Details

. . .

Football Legends
Shannon Sharpe - Denver Broncos
View Details

. . .

Football Legends
Shannon Sharpe - Baltimore Ravens
View Details

 . . .

Forty Years Of Memories
View Details

. . .

Grandbaby's First Christmas
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. . .

Low Rider

. . .

O Hunny Tree
Winnie the Pooh
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. . .

One Sweet Gingerbread Boy, Miniature
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. . .

 Peanuts Monthly #1 Fun At The Beach
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. . .

Pirates Of The Caribbean
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. . .

Promise Of Peace
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. . .

Santa's Magic Bell
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. . .

Santa's Magic Cuckoo Clock
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. . .

Season's Greetings
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. . .

We're Off To See The Wizard
Wizard Of Oz
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