Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Spring Warehouse/Sidewalk Sale

The date has been finalized!
Come join us for the 2015 Spring Warehouse / Sidewalk Sale at the Hooked on Ornaments warehouse - Saturday, May 2 2015.

We will have HUNDREDS of items $10 or less! You won't believe the BARGAINS!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keepsake Cupcakes

As the Year of Disney (Series in a Year) approaches its end, with the final piece being released in June. Hallmark has revealed the next Series in a Year collection - Keepsake Cupcakes. This delightful collection features seasonally decorated cupcakes and a "Bakery Display Case."

A Little Crab Cake
#1 Keepsake Cupcakes

1295QHA1036 - View Details
Available July 2015
Sweet & Sly
#2 Keepsake Cupcakes

1295QHA1037 - View Details
Available August 2015

Punkin' Kitty
#3 Keepsake Cupcakes

1295QHA1038 - View Details
Available September 2015

Grateful Gobbler
#4 Keepsake Cupcakes

1295QHA1039 - View Details
Available October 2015
Salty & Sweet
#5 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1040 - View Details
Available November 2015
New Year's Snowman
#6 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1041 - View Details
Available December 2015
Little Cupiggy
#7 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1042 - View Details
Available January 2016

Lucky Leap-rechaun
#8 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1043 - View Details
Available February 2016

Somebunny To Love
#9 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1044 - View Details
Available March 2016

Nest Sweet Nest
#10 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1045 - View Details
Available April 2016

Fluttering Beauty
#11 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1046 - View Details
Available May 2016

Star Spangled Bear
#12 Keepsake Cupcakes
1295QHA1047 - View Details
Available June 2016

Baker's Dozen
#13 Keepsake Cupcakes
View Details
Available June 2016

Keepsake Cupcakes Bakery Display Case2995QHA1035 - View Details
Available July 2015
 What do you think? Will you be collecting the Keepsake Cupcakes? All of them or just specific ones? Do you like the monthly series?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kiddie Cars are Back

Kiddie Car Classics will be back in Hallmark Gold Crown stores this May.

First introduced in the early 1990s, Hallmark's line of Kiddie Car Classics quickly became a successful and highly collectible venture. Two decades later, the scale replica pedal cars are cruising back into stores to anchor Hallmark Garage. Each car is individually numbered as part of a limited-run quantity and includes a collector card inside the packaging to leverage the artist story behind the product. Additionally, each design features a coordinating Keepsake ornament.

Four designs will be available in May.

1965 Ford Mustang
4995QEP2129 (Tabletop) | 1995QEP2149 (Ornament)(Click ID # for Details)
1958 Chevrolet Corvette
4995QEP2137 (Tabletop) | 1995QEP2157 (Ornament)(Click ID # for Details)
1949 Gillham Sport
4995QEP2147 (Tabletop) | 1995QEP2167 (Ornament)(Click ID # for Details)
Don's Street Rod
4995QEP2139 (Tabletop) | 1995QEP2159 (Ornament)(Click ID # for Details)
Three additional designs will be released in September.
1949 Gillham Police Car
4995QEP2219 (Tabletop) | 1995QEP2227 (Ornament)(Click ID # for Details)
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
4995QEP2169 (Tabletop) | 1995QEP2179 (Ornament)(Click ID # for Details)
1965 Ford Mustang Repaint
4995QEP2229 (Tabletop) | 1995QEP2237 (Ornament)(Click ID # for Details)

Are the new Kiddie Cars on your "Must Have" list for 2015?

Also, in case you didn't know - Hooked on Ornaments offers a Printable Inventory Guide for the older Kiddie Car Classics - Click Here to View.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Keepsake Ornament Club

The 2015 Keepsake Ornament Club membership information has been released and we're delighted to share! You're gonna love this year's club offerings. Wondering whether you should join or not? Take a look below to see what you get when you join....

Keepsakes of Membership
With each membership you get to choose two of the three Keepsake of Membership ornaments. Want all three? No problem, the third is available for purchase with your membership.

2015 Christmas Windows #13
Tammy's Tune Shop
Artist: Tammy Haddix   |   View Details

2015 A Tweet Retreat
Artist: Edythe Kegrize   |   View Details
2015 Friend of a Feather(A prequel to the upcoming 3 ornament club exclusive World Within series.)
Artist: Anita Marra Rogers   |   View Details

Club Exclusives with MembershipDuring registration or renewal you can choose to purchase any or all of these Club Exclusive Extras while supplies last.

Petite Treat - Miniature Ornament
(A miniature version of the 2016 Christmas Cupcake)
Artist: Ruth Donikowski   |   View Details

2015 Cozy On Ice
Artist: Jim Kemme and Edythe Kegrize   |   View Details
2015 Mrs. Claus's Kitchen Sink Repaint
View Details

Club Exclusives Event OrnamentsAs a KOC member, you will be able to purchase club exclusives that are offered at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Stores during the Keepsake ornament events.

2015 Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz - Glinda the Good Witch
Third in the unofficial series based on Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls.
Available Ornament Premiere beginning July 11   |   View Details
2015 Puppy Love 25th Anniversary
Celebrate 25 years of the popular Puppy Love series.
Artist: Anita Marra Rogers   |   View Details
2015 Hangin' With TeddyPorcelain, Legs and Arms dangle
Artist: Julie Forsyth   |   View Details
2015 Steeped In Spirit
Porcelain Set of 2
Artist: Terri Steiger   |   View Details
and more .....You'll also receive
  • Quarterly issues of the Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) newsletter, For Keeps.

  • 500 Crown Rewards Bonus Points if you join by March 15, 2015
  • Online members only access to KOCMembers.com for sneak peaks and behind the scenes information on all things Hallmark Keepsakes.
  • 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Club Edition Dreambook mailed directly to you.
  • Exclusive members only offers.
  • The opportunity to attend the 2015 Destination Keepsakes National Event. 
It's an outstanding value and well worth the membership fee. Interested in joining? Visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown store or www.hallmark.com 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Keepsake Celebrations

Hallmark Keepsake Celebrations, which were first offered last year, are back in Hallmark Gold Crown stores again in 2015. These "year round" ornaments began arriving in stores earlier this month. The ornaments in this line are perfect gifts to commemorate all of your special occasions - births, birthdays, weddings, christening, confirmation, baptism, graduation, retirement and more.

The 2015 collection features fifteen ornament designs.

2015 Baby's First Christmas
1995QHX1067  |  Edythe Kegrize
2015 Baby's First Birthday
1295QHX1199   |   Nina Aubé
(Reissued from 2014)
2015 Wedding
1995QHX1165   |   Terri SteigerDetails

2015 Our Wedding
1495QHX1107   |   Terri SteigerDetails
2015 La Fe y El Amor
1495QHX1187   |   Sharon Visker
(Reissued from 2014)
2015 God's Love
1795QHX1079   |   Edyth Kegrize
2015 New Home
1795QHX1179   |   Edythe KegrizeDetails
2015 Anniversary
1795QHX1109   |    Edythe KegrizeDetails

2015 A Mother's Heart
1495QHX1097   |   Edythe KegrizeDetails
2015 Time To Fly
1795QHX1189   |   Ruth DonikowskiDetails

2015 Graduation
1295QHX1089   |   Terri SteigerDetails
2015 Happy Big Birthday
1495QHX1197   |   Tom BestDetails

2015 Always Remembered
1795QHX1177   |   Ruth DonikowskiDetails
2015 Quinceañera
1495QHX7747   |   Julie ForsythDetails
2015 A New Season
1495QHX1099   |   Terri SteigerDetails