Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sara's Top 10 for 2007

These are a list of my favorites (so far) from the 2007 Dreambook:
  1. Baby's First Christmas: This sweet little fuzzy chick on wheels is one of the sweetest "Baby's First" ornaments Hallmark has produced in quite some time. And just in time for our first child's first Christmas...

  2. Santa's Scooter

  3. Santas From Around the World, Poland

  4. Island of Misfit Toys

  5. Airstream Dreams: The wheels turn, the awning extends...the only thing it doesn't do is convert to a life-size Airstream. Owning one of those is a dream of mine.

  6. What Christmas Is All About (Peanuts)

  7. Sandy Claws Is Coming to Halloweentown (Nightmare Before Christmas)

  8. Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

  9. Chocolate Moose: This moose will be the perfect companion to my 2004 Cookie Doe ornament, one of my all-time favorites.

  10. Miniature, Dancing Friends

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Don't Miss These Offers - Hallmark Ornament Premiere

You won't want to miss these special offers available at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Stores during the July 14th and 15th Ornament Premiere Weekend. Supplies were limited last year, so be sure to get to your local stores early.

If you are unable to find the Ornament Premiere Exclusives locally Hooked on Hallmark does normally receive them after Premiere weekend. So be sure to check with us at Hooked on Hallmark if you're looking for an Ornament Premiere exclusive from this year or from years past.

Some of the Ornament Premiere Exclusives from past years include - 1996 Welcome Sign, 1998 Santa's Merry Workshop, 1999 Zebra Fantasy, 2000 Pewter Husky, 2001 Rocking Horse, 2005 Triple Dippin, 2006 Bunny Hug. Of course the 2007 Peppermint Pup goes wonderfully with the 2006 Peppermint Pals bears!

Of course that small listing doesn't even mention the REALLY sought after Ornament Premiere Register to Win Colorways! We'll have a list of this year's Ornament Premiere exclusives posted here soon.

There's an outstanding line of Disney Hallmark Keepsake ornaments this year as usual. Don't miss the LIMITED QUANTITY Premiere ornament - Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Disney villains were previously featured in the Unforgettable Villains series which ran from 1998 - 2000. Click here to view this series.

The special offer mugs are simply too cute and feature some of Disney's most popular (friendly) characters! At their special price of $3.95 - they are a SUPER buy too!


Barbie is a popular cross collectible - attracting both Hallmark and Barbie collectors and this series has really appealed to many. This high demand has led to some high secondary market values for a few pieces in this series. I'd predict that this year's beauty will be the same. Get there early, because I believe she's going to fly out of the stores even with the limit of 1 per club membership restriction.

The series started in 2000 and seems to have become even more popular over the past few years. The hardest to find (and thus the most valuable) are the 2000 and the 2005 - both of which feature book values of well over $100. View all the Barbie, Porcelain Club ornaments.

See you next time and Happy Collecting from the staff at Hooked on Hallmark