Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hooked on Hallmark Top Ten 2007 Ornaments

Like you, we spend hours enjoying the 2007 Dream Book, and are anxously awaiting the July 14-15 Ornament Premier.

WHAT WILL BE HOT? WHICH ONES WILL SELL OUT EARLY? We're asked those questions often and we don't have a clue... it's far to early to tell. The Licenced Ornaments such as, Barbies, Lionels, Harleys, Star Trek, Star Wars, Disney and Warner Brothers are always popular...
but most ornaments we selected for our TOP TEN list are those that are "Hallmark Artist Inspired Creations"

Our TOP TEN picks...

CHOCOLATE MOOSE, from the tip of his fork antlers to his chocolate hoofs...he brings out the Chocolate Lover in us!

HOLIDAY FRIDGE, We can't wait to peak inside!

BAKE SHOP 2nd in the Noelville Series, this gingerbread Bake Shop looks yummy and fun!

CHATTY CATHY brings back happy "baby boomer" memories as our first talking doll, it will be fun to hear her voice again!

ALWAYS REMEMBERED Dove a beautiful way to honor memories of a special loved one.

JOY TO THE WORLD ANGELS, these mini angels are unique & beautiful.

A WORLD OF HOPE, this colorful UNICEF benefit ornament inspires us!

MERRY MUSIC FOR SANTA, we'll sing along as Santa's player piano plays six festive songs

SANTA'S SWEET RIDE, 1st in a new series. Just when we thought he had given up driving...Here Comes Santa...AGAIN...this time delivering gifts in a sugar car, what will he drive next?

REINDEER, 2nd in the Yuletide Treasures series, we weren't crazy about the #1 Santa in this series, but love the colors, design & motion of this reindeer...maybe this series will continue to surprise us.

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J-man said...

Do you know which Angels correspond with which countries? Also, is there a 2008 set?