Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Commemorative Stars
I wasn't really sure what to talk about today and was struggling to decide on a topic that would be fun and interesting. While working on another project I dug out an old issue of "For Keeps" (the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club publication.) After rereading the article, I thought it would fun to post the information and pictures here as I am sure there are a lot of collectors who have never seen the article or the pictures.

(Above sculpted from left to right by - Joyce Lyle, Linda Sickman, & Anita Marra Rogers)

In 2002 Hallmark presented a challenge to the Hallmark Keepsake artists to sculpt a star. Thirteen sculptors and Beth Wall submitted their one of a kind creations which were unveiled in the Summer 2002 "For Keeps" publication. Only three of the stars were actually produced as ornaments and those three were only available for purchase to Keepsake Ornament Club members.

The ornaments were not boxed, but each came in its own special fabric drawstring pouch. These last three are the only three that were actually produced as ornaments. (The artist is listed underneath each image.) Produced in limited quantities they were available for a very limited time.

Star to Sew By
in Denim drawstring pouch
(Sculpted by Sue Tague)

Star Bright
in brown chenille drawsting pouch
(Sculpted by LaDene Votruba)

Star Rider
in red velveteen drawstring pouch
(Sculpted by Tammy Haddix)

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