Friday, March 14, 2008

Hallmark Gift of Love
In the 2003 Hallmark Ornament Dreambook the Gold Crown Events section indicated that three special "Mystery" ornaments would be available to club members.Glad Tidings was unveiled at the Ornament Premiere. This lovely angel dressed in gold came with her own display stand and she holds a star. Gift of Peace was unveiled at Ornament Debut. This angel came dressed in silver. Like the Glad Tidings angel she has her own display stand which matches the Glad Tidings display stand.
There was also a CLUB ornament - Gift of Love - that was only available for purchase by Keepsake Ornament club members. VERY few club members ordered the ornament, probably at least partially due to the fact that no picture of the item was ever shown and the only mention of the ornament was in the 2003 Dreambook.The Gift of Love ornament matches the Glad Tidings and Gift of Peace ornaments. This angel wears a red dress and holds a heart.
Production numbers were very small for the ornament due to the low number of club orders. It is very difficult to find. When we were working on the Hallmark Value Guide we had a very difficult time even locating someone who owned the ornament.
The picture above shows the three ornaments displayed together. The miniature Presents of Angels, set of six ornaments hang from the display stands.

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