Monday, March 17, 2008

Hallmark Mini Memories

HALLMARK MINI MEMORIES, the details will steal you're heart!

My personal FAVORITE Hallmark Collectible is the MINI MEMORIES figurines.

NEVER HEARD OF THEM? You're not alone.. They are SO RARE that most Hallmark collectors are not familiar with them, and very few have had the opportunity to see a complete collection. I collected Hallmark for nearly 20 years before I learned of (& fell in love with) with these tiny little works of art!

They were test marketed by Hallmark for just three months in 1987 in just 20 test stores. Each store received only TWO of each the tiny 20 Mini Memories figurine designs.
This makes them truly one of the most rare Hallmark collectibles ever made.

They're rare, but what makes them so special? The delicate designs and detailed workmanship. Much of that charm and tiny detail that I love, made them very fragile.
BREAKAGE, was the problem. Mini Memories were never put into mass production and distributed nationwide due to the high level of breakage.

MIni Memories designs look familiar to Tender Touch collectors. They were the predecessors of Tender Touches figurines which were introduced and tested in 1988. All were sculpted by popular Hallmark Artist, Ed Seale.

Every collector of Mini Memories is undoubtedly also a collector of Tender Touches. Part of the fun of having both is comparing the differences, seeing how Mini Memories designs evolved into the larger Tender Touches line.. When placed side by side, design differences are immediately apparent in both color, size, and many details. For example the RACOONS FISHING was produced as a Mini Memories with blue glossy water, an all blue base. NO bobber on fishing line, bucket is silver with NO handle. The Tender Touches version adds grass and stones at back of dock, dark gray bucket with silver rim & handle, and a bobber.

Another rare Mimi Memories collectible is the DISPLAY HOUSE Hallmark designed and shipped to the test stores to hold the figurines. This heavy wooden house is complete with an attic and red-shingled roof. There is a removable/adjustable shelf for each tiny figurine to sit on. Of the 20 test market stores to which this House was shipped, its hard to say how many are still out there. I was thrilled to find one for my personal collection a few years ago and treasure it as well as the tiny little figures that "live" inside.

I believe Hooked on Ornaments is the only website on the internet that has Hallmark Mini Memories available...just click here to take
a look at more available designs and and perhaps purchase one of these little treasures for yourself!

Enjoy and Happy Collecting, Nicki

Some Information provided by:
Deck the Halls Ornament Express April/May 1995 publication

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This is awesome. Something else to look for. Are the products marked Hallmark or are there other identifiers?