Friday, April 4, 2008

Are you Hooked?

You know you're Hooked on Hallmark if...

10. You have ever crossed two state lines to buy a Keepsake Ornament.

9. Instead of keeping photos of your grandchildren in your wallet, you carry pictures of your decorated trees.

8. You can located your Dream Book faster than your phone book.

7. You have empty boxes that are wrapped, stored, and insured.

6. Your husband, kids, the family dog, and you goldfish are all members of the Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club.

5. Your ornament collection has caused you to contemplate a major home renovation - maybe a room addition or enlarging your basement.

4. You get excited at the sight of twinkling lights, snow and tissue.

3. You know exactly what they are talking about when you hear MIB, NB, DB, MM. MIB with NT.

2. You become hysterical when you see someone take the price tag off a Keepsake Ornament box.

1. You have more trees in your house than in your yard.

Just like you...we're Hooked on Hallmark! We'll include a FREE copy of this "top ten" and a "I'm Hooked" button click on the "free stuff" link (on the right side of the website) when you place your next order at .

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Hooked on Ornaments


Anonymous said...
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NancyC said...

You also know you're hooked on Hallmark if you drive down the street and see a license plate that says "QEO" or "QXC" and convert it to what kind of ornament it is (Easter or club).

You also know you're hooked on Hallmark if you see a traffic sign that says "NB I35 is closed..." and wonder what No Box I35 is.