Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mary Hamilton Nativity

The basic starter set - Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, were originally offered as part of the Hallmark Little Gallery line in the late 1970s. There are two different versions of the Nativity, one is handpainted soft pastel colors and the other is an all white bisque. When the Hallmark Little Gallery line was discontinued the painted porcelain set was added to the Hallmark line.

Originally a wicker stable was offered. The stable was discontinued quite early and was replaced in 1986 with a porcelain stable. Because the early pieces were in production for so many years they are the easiest to find. The later pieces are hardest to find since they were in production for a comparitively short time.

Wicker Stable
Porcelain Stable

(The following were available in white bisque or painted porcelain)
Loving King
Adoring King
Devoted King
Gentle Shepherd
Faithful Donkey
Dear Lambs
Little Calf

HARDER TO FIND - Available in painted porcelain only
Drummer Boy
Starlit Angel
Heavenly Angel
Goose Girl (Hardest to Find)

You can view all the items in the collection at http://www.hookedonornaments.com/ - follow the link to Hallmark Collectibles and then Mary Hamilton Nativity.

Some information from "Deck the Halls" 1991

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