Tuesday, May 27, 2008

They're Here!
2008 Hallmark Keepsake Collectors Club Ornaments Have Arrived,
and... WE LOVE THEM!

The 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Collectors Club Exclusive Ornaments have been shipping to current club members over the past couple of weeks. We're excited that ours have all now arrived. It's always fun to take them out of the box and really see them up close. As usual, they look much better and have more detail than even the best photography can reveal!

SANTA TAKES A SPIN is an exclusive club ornament inspired by a long-time favorite series - the Kiddie Car Classics. This "glitter red" race car sports the number 08 (get it - this makes it DATED 2008), and it has the words "Club Exclusive in silver script just above the bumper. The wheels of Santa's toy kiddie car actually spin and if you turn the ornament upside down, you can see Santa's feet on the kiddie car pedals. Here Comes Santa Series collectors will "need" this one too, as it looks like Santa's found yet another vehicle for making his deliveries! He's sure having fun "test driving" this one.

STANLEY T. STARR will certainly be a Starr this year! Stanley was inspired by the popular Snowtop Lodge series and makes a beautiful complement to the series. I'm not usually a fan of porcelain ornaments, but I love the beautiful white porcelain used for Stanley. The soft blue highlights include a snowy village at his base and Santa and his reindeer on his top hat. Glitter accents the ornament as well as a dangling Christmas stocking filled with a teddy and presents. The scarf around Stanley's neck is tie died blue and feels just like today's very soft yarn scarves. Insert a mini light bulb (clear or perhaps blue) from your strand of lights into the ornament base and Stanley will glow with extra light sparkling through the cut out stars. Oh, I must mention I LOVE Stanley's NOSE...for me, a good snowman must have a really nice turned up carrot pointed nose! Stanley is one gorgeous snowman, and most Hallmark ornament collectors will LOVE him!

Last but not least...
CHRISTMAS WINDOWS 2008, number six in the popular Christmas Windows Club Exclusive Series. A little girl with her puppy stand in the sparkly snow to peak into Kringle's Korner Book Shoppe. A little Santa reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" decorates the display window alongside other Christmas Books. Outside the shop a Toy Soldier stands on guard holding a book to his side. The year 2008 adorns the front of Kringles Korner, perfect for those of you that like ornaments with the date clearly showing. From the back of the ornament, books line the shelves and a Teddy Bear sits as a bookend. This Hallmark Ornament is loaded with detail and color and it's sure to be a hit with Hallmark Collectors worldwide.

We have all three of these very special Hallmark Ornaments available for sale on our site
http://hookedonornaments.com OR, it's not too late to visit your local Gold Crown Hallmark Store and join the Hallmark Keepsake Collectors Club. You will receive two of the three with your club membership just for joining.

Thank you Hallmark for offering three WINNING ornaments to Club Members this year! These three have officially kicked off the 2008 Hallmark Ornament season with excitement! Nicki

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fabulous Decade

The Hallmark Fabulous Decade Ornament Series

I've always loved little "critter" ornaments, and the Hallmark Fabulous Decade Series is loaded with them. This cute Hallmark ornament series features ten adorable animals each holding a brass "year".

The Fabulous Decade Series began in 1990 with a small brown squirrel. Both the decade and the series ended in 1999 with a tiger kitten holding both his 1999 sign and playing with a brass dangling bell.

Hallmark Ornament Artist Ed Seale sculpted the 1990 squirrel, 1991 raccoon, 1992 teddy bear, 1994 white rabbit, 1995 ottor, 1996 red fox, 1997 hedge hog, and 1998 polor bear. While Hallmark Ornament Artist Sharon Pike fashioned the 1993 skunk and the 1999 tiger kitten.
Take a look at all these cute little critters on our site (Click Here for the Fabulous Decade Hallmark Ornament page)
and add them to your Hallmark Ornament Collection

For all of us that hated to see this series end, Hallmark jumped right in with a new but similar Cool Decade Series in 2000 which is on going today. Enjoy a look at these little animals holding ice - just click here to view the Hallmark Cool Decade Series Ornaments.

Both these popular Hallmark Ornament Series make we animal lovers smile!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ed Seale Designs

When Hallmark Studio Artist Ed Seale retired from Hallmark he created his own line of products - Ed Seale Designs. These designs were available in select gift stores and were not widely distributed.

During the first few years of production there were only 1 to 2 different items produced for each year. Beginning in 2004 five different series were introduced. All but Santa Forever lasted until the final year of production in 2006.

The Mice Touch series featured miniature mice and Polar Pals looked in on an eskimo family. There were special ornaments produced just for Hallmark Local Clubs around the country as well.

We think you'll love the quality, craftmanship and details of the Ed Seale Designs. Save now with our LIMITED TIME 50% off Ed Seale Designs Sale! Just use coupon code SEALE during checkout to take 50% off of all in stock Ed Seale Designs. Shop Ed Seale Designs now or just take a look at the complete collection.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

They're here! The 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dreambook Club Edition arrived today! These club edition 2008 Hallmark Ornament Dreambooks include a special cover wrap that gives you all the details on the 2008 Hallmark Ornament Premiere and the 2008 Hallmark Ornament Debut and Open House.

The back cover shows pictures of eight special edition ornaments that are not pictured in the regular Dreambook. The back cover also lists the Limited Quantity ornaments that will be available at the 2008 Hallmark Ornament Premiere and the 2008 Hallmark Ornament Debut.

Inside . . . ah, everything we've been waiting for . . . all the pics of the new 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments in our hands so we can page through over and over and over.

The regular 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dreambooks will be available in your local stores within the next two months. Just check with your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores for availability. If you don't have a local store, you can order the 2008 Hallmark Dreambooks at http://www.hookedonhallmark.com/Dreambooks-Books-Brochures-More_c_372.html

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Hallmark Tin Locomotive Series

The Hallmark Tin Locomotive Series was one of the most popular Hallmark ornament series during the 80's.

The first locomotive chugged into Hallmark Stores in 1982 marking Hallmark's entry into its first pressed tin ornament series. These colorful locomotives continued until 1989 with the eighth in the series being the final. Popular Hallmark artist Linda Sickman sculpted all the Tin Locomotive designs.
In 1998 Hallmark celebrated the 25th anniversary of it's first ornaments. That year we were happy to see one more Tin Locomotive offered. It is a complement to the Series, a special 25th Anniversary Edition.

We love the many colors and designs this series captures. When all lined up, they make quite an impressive display. Although this series ended nearly twenty years ago, it remains a collector favorite.
Enjoy more information and photos of the Hallmark Tin Locomotive Series on our site - Just click here to go directly to the Hallmark Tin Locomotive Ornaments page
and add them to your collection today!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Very Special Hallmark Mothers Day Ornament...
1983 Mother's Love

Only once has Hallmark offered a Keepsake Ornament for Mothers Day.
The 1983 Mother's Love classic shape ball is beautiful. Light violet in color, it's packaged in a pink box with special stock # MDQ3407. This wind up musical ornament plays "Swan Lake" and comes with a small round acrylic stand as well as a loop for hanging.

Beautiful violets adorn most of the ball along with the caption:
"A Mother's Love becomes more beautiful through live's changing seasons"

Hallmark's low production of this ornament makes it rare and so hard to find that it was not included in most Hallmark Ornament Value Guide Publications. It was one of the hardest ornaments to find for photography for the current Hallmark Ornament Value Guide which we have available on our site.

AND we do currently have one of these rare ornament available on our site...the first time in many years we've had it in our inventory!. Check it out on our site at http://www.hookedonhallmark.com/

Happy Mothers Day!

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