Monday, May 19, 2008

Fabulous Decade

The Hallmark Fabulous Decade Ornament Series

I've always loved little "critter" ornaments, and the Hallmark Fabulous Decade Series is loaded with them. This cute Hallmark ornament series features ten adorable animals each holding a brass "year".

The Fabulous Decade Series began in 1990 with a small brown squirrel. Both the decade and the series ended in 1999 with a tiger kitten holding both his 1999 sign and playing with a brass dangling bell.

Hallmark Ornament Artist Ed Seale sculpted the 1990 squirrel, 1991 raccoon, 1992 teddy bear, 1994 white rabbit, 1995 ottor, 1996 red fox, 1997 hedge hog, and 1998 polor bear. While Hallmark Ornament Artist Sharon Pike fashioned the 1993 skunk and the 1999 tiger kitten.
Take a look at all these cute little critters on our site (Click Here for the Fabulous Decade Hallmark Ornament page)
and add them to your Hallmark Ornament Collection

For all of us that hated to see this series end, Hallmark jumped right in with a new but similar Cool Decade Series in 2000 which is on going today. Enjoy a look at these little animals holding ice - just click here to view the Hallmark Cool Decade Series Ornaments.

Both these popular Hallmark Ornament Series make we animal lovers smile!
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