Friday, May 9, 2008

Hallmark Tin Locomotive Series

The Hallmark Tin Locomotive Series was one of the most popular Hallmark ornament series during the 80's.

The first locomotive chugged into Hallmark Stores in 1982 marking Hallmark's entry into its first pressed tin ornament series. These colorful locomotives continued until 1989 with the eighth in the series being the final. Popular Hallmark artist Linda Sickman sculpted all the Tin Locomotive designs.
In 1998 Hallmark celebrated the 25th anniversary of it's first ornaments. That year we were happy to see one more Tin Locomotive offered. It is a complement to the Series, a special 25th Anniversary Edition.

We love the many colors and designs this series captures. When all lined up, they make quite an impressive display. Although this series ended nearly twenty years ago, it remains a collector favorite.
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