Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hallmark Frosty Friends Series Ornaments
Who sculpted them & how long will they continue?

Hallmark's longest running and arguably most popular ornament series, Frosty Friends features a friendly eskimo and his pals. The Hallmark Keepsake Frosty Friend series began in 1980 with an ornament called " A Cool Yule " . Today, the #1 Frosty Friends Cool Yule is the most collectible Hallmark Ornament Series ornament. It commands a higher secondary market price than any other regular production Hallmark Keepsake ornament and the demand seems unending.

Many Hallmark Ornament Collectors believe that Hallmark Artist Ed Seale sculpted all of the Frosty Friends Series ornaments. That is not so, Ed did not sculpt the ornaments that started the series, nor did he sculpt the ornaments that continue the series today.

The 1980 #1Cool Yule and 1981 #2 Igloo Frostys were sculpted by Jim Mahon. Jim left Hallmark to go work with the Muppets. I'm certain in 1980 he never imagined the more than 28 year popularity and value that these two ornaments enjoy and wonder if he knows today?

Popular Hallmark Artist Ed Seale sculpted the 1983 #3 through the 2005 #26th in the series. Ed is well know for all the creativity and personality he captured in his designs. Ed also sculpted a similar Polar Pals series in his Ed Seale Designs collection. Click here to view Ed Seale Designs collection.

Ed's retirement from Hallmark resulted in his passing of the "Frosty sculpting tools" to Hallmark Artist Sharon Viskar. Sharon created the 2006 #27, 2007 #28, and the recently announced 2008 #29 Frosty which will be intruduced and available in Hallmark Gold Crown Stores at the July 12-13 2008 Hallmark Ornament Premiere.

We Frosty Friend collectors have had far more than 29 ornaments to enjoy and collect. Hallmark has offered miniature ornaments as well as many "complement" and special "colorway/repaint ornaments that are in addition to the series pieces. This busy little eskimo has also been featured on a number of other Hallmark collectibles including Snow Globes, stocking hangers, magnets, lapel pins, stickers and more. Take a look these Frosty Friend "extras" as well as the official 29 series ornaments on our site - we list them on the Frosty Friends Series page.

Will this series end at 30 in 2009? The thousands that collect this series wonder, but only Hallmark knows that answer. And guess what...they're not telling! My guess is "NO"...it sells so well and remains so popular I think Hallmark will keep on finding creative new things for Frosty and his pals to do to entice us! But, I assure you I have no inside information, your guess is as good as mine! Happy Frosty Collecting, Nicki

* Thank you to Hallmark Ornament Artist Expert Nancy Copeland for providing artist information for this article.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, the last comment was meant to say that I got this series for my niece, starting with #2....and would love to buy her #1...but, it is so expensive!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to differentiate the original Frosty Friends ornament from the repaint?

Hooked on Hallmark Ornaments said...

Yes, the 2006 repaint reads "Ornament Debut 2006" on the ice cube.

Hope that helps!
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Veronica said...

I have some of the Hallmark Frosty Friends that I would like to sell. I do not have the boxes.


Rod said...

Hi... and WOW!
It was a random and lucky search that took me to your blog tonight. I really enjoyed reading the background of this wonderful collection. It has given me and my family a lot of joy for a long, long time. I'm one of the fortunate ones... I have all of the Frosty Friend ornaments and all are in mint or near mint condition. Unfortunately, not all of the boxes have faired quite as well.

I'm not sure that I could ever sell my collection, but if I did it's value would be outstanding.

Happy Holiday's...


PS... I'm going to link your post to my blog too.

Anonymous said...

I too, have all of the "Frosty and Friends" Ornaments. I started collecting all by accident! The "Cool Yule" is by far my favorite but many follow to a very close second. I bought the ornament the year my husband and I were married. They all go on my tree every year!