Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hallmark Magic Ornaments...they keep getting better!
What Hallmark Magic Ornament holds the record for the MOST PARTS?....

Keepsake Artist Ken Crow and Hallmark created a MAGIC MASTERPIECE with this one!

The 2007 Candy Cane Lane ornament captures the fun of a favorite Holiday Activity for many of us, driving slowly through a "Candy Cane Lane" decorated neighborhood and enjoying the Christmas lights and deocrations.With this ornament, visit each of the three houses on the street by turning the triangle shaped ornament from one side to the next. Press the peppermint candy button below each home. Each house will play a song, and as the songs play three cars travel around the block. Tall snow covered trees on both sides of the houses change color to the music as you enjoy this synchronized light show!

The first house features Santa & his reindeer on the roof as well as Santa at the Candy Cane Lane entrance. Push the peppermint candy to hear the lyrics and music to the song "Candy Cane Lane". Then travel to a home decorated with three angels, stars and a nativity scene dsplay with a lighted manger. Enjoy the music, "Away in a Manger".
Lastly visit the home decorated from roof to curb with snowmen and hear the music to "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".

This ornament holds the record for MORE PARTS than any other Hallmark ornament produced to date. It has 59 plastic parts PLUS 81 components. WOW Hallmark, that's amazing and makes the original box price of $44.00 a bargain!

If you missed it last year...we have good news...We have it available on our site at Just typ
e '2007 Candy' in the search box on the right side of your screen. I'll bet this ornament will be a family favorite in your home, as it is in mine!

Happy Collecting, Nicki

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