Monday, July 28, 2008

Hallmark Childs Age Collection
Puppies and Kittens - Bye, Bye

In 2005 Hallmark Cards introduced a new "Child's Age Collection" that featured puppies for boys and kittens for girls. These ornaments commemorated childhood milestones from Baby's First Christmas through Child's Fifth Christmas. The puppy and kitten "grew up" through the procession enjoying age appropriate activities.

In 2007 however Hallmark Cards discontinued the collection early. This was the first time in Hallmark Keepsake history that a Child's Age Collection ended early. This early ending to the collection has created lots of confusion.

The Puppies (& Kittens) Child's 2,3,4,& 5th that were offered last year WERE NOT DATED. The idea was that anyone that had that collection started for their child/grandchild could buy the rest of the child's collection last year and then present them each holiday thru the Child's 5th. Many did buy them last year and this created quite a shortage, especially of the Child's 5th Christmas. While many collectors didn't understand that 2007 would be the last chance to buy them in a Hallmark store, and thus, will find out this year.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that info! I buy the series for each of my 7 children each year, for the past 13 years, and was very confused this year when I tried to find the puppies. No one at the Hallmark stores knew the answer when i asked why that ornament didn't have a date. This year I found out why, and now I have started the ornament search early. Any idea why Hallmark would choose to do this??

Anonymous said...

I didnt know either. I JUST went into a store to buy this years ornaments and the two young girls there looked at me as if I was on drugs or something asking for the ornaments. They need to post a sign or something. My oldest child is 18, my youngest is 3...I have been buying these for was our tradition...HALLMARK you totally suck for doing I do not know if I will be able to find them..shame on you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed too...I was only 1 away from getting the whole series for my daughter who is now 4 years old. She had her 1st Christmas when she was only 2 months and this year would be her
5th Christmas. This year, no one at Hallmark could give me a clear explaination why, but after reading this, now I too understand why there wasn't a year on last years kitty. I just wished that when I purchased the one last year, the Hallmark Customer Service Representative had made me aware of what was going to happen so that I could have bought one for next year. I'm a loyal customer to Hallmark, so I'm a little sad and disappointed of the lack of communication. If they have, I sure didn't get it, but if they didn't, then SHAME ON THEM! This was one of things, during the last 4 years, I looked forward to. Almost like a tradition for my daughter.

Anonymous said...

I too was only one away, I have purchased these every year for my son and now I can't find the 5th year. He is 4 years old and was 8 weeks when I bought the first one. I really want to finish out the series. I am very disappointed. They did not communicate this very well at all!!

Anonymous said...

I'm mad. We have 6 kiddos and 2 are without complete collections. Now, I'm supposed to head over to eBay & pay like 50 bucks for an ornie ... x 4. And then you blame the consumer for not being knowledgeable last year? That takes the cake.

It's irresponsible & my children are going to go without their ornaments. Guess Hallmark won't be around when we hand down ornies so why should they care?

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

My little girl and I are both so disappointed! I have the full set of bears for my son, and I only needed the 5th ornament to finish my 4 year old daughter's collection. I chose the kittens because I wanted her to have something different (and girly) from her brother. I had no idea! If I had known this was a possibility, I would have stuck with the original set. I wasn't an avid Hallmark collector until I started this with my children. I guess I won't start anything else with Hallmark since they may decide to cut it off at any time. So sad!!!

b0ll0cks said...

Completely unaccepteable. I am just so upset. Who would of thought that they would of done this. Never again will I purchase from hallmark. Just terrible .

Jayne said...

You can get them on Ebay - some undated!! Some with dates. Thanks for letting me know, I'll grab them from Ebay now...