Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Scent of Christmas

In 2002 Hallmark Cards, Inc introduced the first "Magic" ornament featuring fragrance. Fragrance as magic? That's right, "Essentially we use the same inserts as those available for refills of room fresheners. We came up with a little heating element to make the tree smell good or to replace one scent with another. Scent has a profound influence on how people feel." explained Ron Carlson in the Winter 2002 issue of For Keeps.

Since 2002, Hallmark Keepsakes has included additional ornaments featuring the "Magic" of fragance including the highly popular 2004 Christmas Cookies and my 'scentimental' favorite the 2007 Making Sweet Rememberings.

So what, you ask was the first Magic ornament featuring scent - the delectably scented 2002 Gingerbread Cottage.

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