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Snowball and Tuxedo - The Best of Friends

"When you were growing up, did you have a special "best friend"? Someone to help you explore the neighborhood; make up games; laugh and share secrets? Those are the memories Joanne Eschrich wanted to express when she created a polar bear cub named Snowball and a little penguin named Tuxedo.

"You may think a polar bear and a penguin are an unlikely pair of friends," she says, "but they remind me of the lion and the lamb! I'm sure they became friends the very first time they saw each other, just the way my best friend and I did."

"I also wanted to create friends who have an adorable difference in size - a bigger, flocked bear in contrast to the small penguin."

This year (2001), you'll see Snowball and Tuxedo taking "A Little Nap." Next year, they awaken to discover the world around them - Snowball still wearing that favorite bright red scarf and Tuxedo in a cheery green cap."

The Snowball and Tuxedo series started with "A Little Nap" in 2001 and continues through 2008. The series has seen these two best friends enjoying a number of fun activities together including snowshoeing, ice skating, sharing treats and reading. The 2008 Snowball and Tuxedo finds the pair sharing a thermos of hot cocoa and friendship.

All of the ornaments in the series were sculpted by Hallmark Studio Artist, Joanne Eschrich except the 2007 ornament which was sculpted by Hallmark Studio Artist, Julie Forsyth. The 2007 ornament is also the only ornament in the series that has offered a colorway or repaint version. The 2007 Snowball and Tuxedo colorway was available as a Multi Year Membership gift to Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club members.

This sweet pair of friends continue to share their friendship and joy with collectors. If you'd like to view all the ornaments in the Hallmark Keepsake Snowball and Tuxedo series just click here.

Italicized text from: May 2001 Collector's Courier - Vol 15 No 2

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