Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Window Shoppers REPAINT
During the Christmas holidays I fielded quite a few emails and phone calls regarding the repainted or colorway version of the Little Window Shoppers signing piece. At the time we had no information on the item, but we've done some investigating and we've been able to find out a little more about this elusive and mysterious item.

(Original 2008 Little Window Shoppers - Signing Piece)

The original studio edition ornament was available at 20 in store signing events held in 2008 and featured work from 18 of the Hallmark Studio artists. The piece is a beautiful complement to the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club Christmas Windows series. The piece is crafted in a larger scale than the ornaments, but is quite striking when all of the pieces are displayed together.

The original 2008 Little Window Shoppers signing piece (shown left) and the repaint/colorway version (shown right).

Quite unexpectedly a repainted or colorway version of the piece began appearing in December of 2008. The repaint featured a number of differences from the original and no one seemed to know where these colorway versions were coming from or how to obtain one. We have been unable to get confirmation from Hallmark, but it appears that the colorway version was given as a gift to independent store owners. Our information leads us to believe that store owners received only one of the repainted versions regardless of the number of stores owned. This makes the item quite scarce and difficult to find.

The mysterious Window Shoppers repaint is currently quite a prize on the Hallmark secondary market. A number of collectors that I spoke with were quite lucky to have found one simply sitting on the shelf in their local Hallmark store, what an exciting find for any Hallmark collector!

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