Friday, August 21, 2009

Memories For the Making PRIZES - Oh My!

Now that the dust has started to settle following the August Keepsake Ornament Club national event, Memories for the Making, we've been getting emails and phone calls. It seems that some of the prizes that were awarded during the event were more than they seemed at first glance.

We had an email just last week from a collector who thought they had received the 1998 Spotlight on Snoopy. Once they looked inside the box, it wasn't just any old Snoopy inside! It was the 1998 Spotlight on Snoopy COLORWAY ornament! That VERY hard to find ornament was awarded back in 1998 to the winners of the photo contest held during the convention. Our records indicate there were only 84 of the colorway in existence!

We had been told that there would be goodies sprinkled in with the prizes at the Memories for the Making event and they weren't joking. What fun!

We also received a phone call the week following the event from Tim in St. Louis. When he opened up his Bingo prize, the 2006 Very Friendly Christmas Tree, Winnie the Pooh Collection ornament. He found he had a prize inside also. Tim contacted Hallmark Cards with his questions as the ornament and the things that he found inside the box seemed to add up to a very special find.

According to Hallmark Cards, what Tim had received was an approved manufacturers sample. A one of a kind item! Before the ornaments go into production, the manufacturing facility submits a "sample" to Hallmark Cards, Inc for approval. This is the approved sample that Tim received as his Bingo prize.
We asked Tim to share a little about himself and his prize...
"I've been seriously collecting since 1991, when I could not find the Enterprise ornament and called every store in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas looking for one. I had Hallmark ornaments before that, but this, in combination with a friend who had already been collecting, really got me hooked. I actually joined the KOCC that year thinking I could order the Enterprise directly from Hallmark if I were a member... that obviously didn't work out, but I've been a member ever since! I have about 2000 ornaments now.

I've been to every event (not multiple cities the same year) since the first 1994 Expo in St. Louis and this year was the first time I ever won anything, which was the Puppy Love repaint.

I played Bingo on Saturday and our table won twice, so I took home six ornaments. I'm not a Disney collector, I only have 22 in my collection, most of which are Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore or Pixar. I always wanted the 2006 "A Very Friendly Christmas" but never got it for whatever reason. I spotted it on the prize table and grabbed it. I normally look all my ornaments over before I leave, but there was simply no time, so I had no idea there was anything special about it until I opened it up at home, after the event. And you know the rest!"
Thinking about all the ornaments laid out on the Bingo prize table, it just makes me wonder how many folks took home a prize even better than they ever dreamed?

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