Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Memories for the Making...

Wow. Just a tiny three letter word describes the entire spectacular 2009 Keepsake Ornament Club National event, "Memories for the Making," held this past weekend in Kansas City. It was an amazing time filled with Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments and the collectors that love them.

The event began on Friday and ended Saturday evening. I'm sure most collectors were like me wishing there could have been just one more day. It's hard to leave when you're having so much fun. There were games, goodies, seminars, Keepsake studio artists, prizes, room hopping, old friends and new...

Hallmark Keepsake artists and staff (all you folks in the purple shirts) did a wonderful job with the event and I think I speak for everyone when I send out a heartfelt thank you for all that they did. I had an absolutely amazing time and I can't wait to do it again. All of your work is much appreciated by this collector. Thank you.

As for "news" from the event...

  • I believe I heard there were approximately 1400 who attended the Local Club Dinner on Friday night. We were all honored to have Don Hall, Jr speak at the dinner.
  • A video featuring our favorite eskimo was premiered, (you can view a piece of the video on our Facebook page), which will be offered as an e-card on www.hallmark.com this fall.

  • Tom Best revealed he has already designed the 2010 Frosty Friends.
  • John Wagner indicated there will be several Maxine ornaments in 2011 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Maxine.
  • We have heard of at least one prototype being received as a prize during Bingo. Check the ornament in your boxes.

2010 Sneak Peak Notes:

  • 2010 Mickey's Christmas Carol #2 will be Scrooge McDuck counting his coins.
  • 2010 Visit from Santa #2 will be Santa with a reindeer.
  • 2010 Festive Santa #2 miniature will be a hanging/dancing Santa by a new artist.
  • 2010 Season's Treatings #2 will be cupcakes.
  • 2010 KOC Membership Ornament - Christmas Window will be a Patisserie (French Bakery)
  • 2010 KOC ornament will feature a snowman by Linda Sickman, the arms will hold miniature versions of earlier Linda Sickman ornaments.
  • Two other 2010 KOC membership ornaments will be Barbie and Winnie the Pooh.
  • Ken Crow is working on a Disney Carousel ornament.
  • The unofficial penguin friends collection is being worked on by Ken Crow and Kristina Gaughran and will be a motion/magic ornament. "Frosty Falls"
  • The 2010 "Decade" ornament is sculpted by Tammy Haddix, the first 0 in 2010 is the bottom half of the snowman sculpted into the ornament.
  • Mickey on a rocking horse, Lucy Psychiatrist booth with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock outside of the doghouse (a magic ornament with Snoopy doing the Snoopy dance) and a cupcake ornament sculpted by Edythe Kegrize, Disney Chip and Dale.
  • Doorways of the World has not been received as well as hoped and may be discontinued. The 2010 release will be Italy.
  • 2010 Santas Around the World - Switzerland
  • 2010 Fairy Messengers - Bluebell
  • 2010 Toymaker Santa - Santa makes musical instruments
  • 2010 Santa's Sweet Ride - Train (The years alternate land, air, sea)
  • 2010 Retro Toys - Little People School House, Chatty Cathy (Blonde) Limited Edition
  • 2010 Beauty of Birds - Bluebird
  • 2010 Wizard of Oz - Winkie Guards
  • 2010 Dr Seuss - Green Eggs and Ham
  • Curious George
  • 2010 NHS will be a white colonial house.
  • Reach Promotion or Continuity Promotion - Peanuts / 60th Anniversary
  • Caroling Angels, Series similar to the Caroling Houses being released in October.
  • Barbie - Replicas of Barbie Fashion Model dolls Siren (KOC members) and Movie Mixer. Also, Friday Night Date, Barbie and the Rockers, Barbie with a poodle
  • Crayola - Artistic Mouse
  • Harry Potter - Dobby
  • Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary - Lando Limited Edition
  • Mary's Angels Nativity - the Wise Men
  • Comic Book Heroes - Wolverine
  • 2010 Noel Nutcracker - Penguin
  • Star Trek series - beginning with Captain Kirk
  • Twilight - featuring Bella and Edward
  • No more Nascar - Hallmark no longer has the licensing agreement.
  • Snowtop Lodge - skis
  • Precious Moments - Ariel??
  • The next "Nellco" offering will be a television.
  • Yuletide Treasures will be ending in 2010.
  • The miniature Northern Cardinal is first in an unofficial series, but this unofficial series may not follow the order of the Beauty of Birds. 2010 will be the chickadee.

    Special Prizes/Ornaments from the event
  • Charter Member Ornament - 2009 New Home Repaint - Gift Bag Gift
  • A Time for Togetherness - 2009 Godchild Repaint - Gift Bag Gift
  • Unpainted 2009 Cool Decade - Gift Bag Gift
  • Light of Bethlehem Angel - Gift Bag Gift
  • Mary's Angel China Rose Repaint/Colorway (RTW Prize, Edition Size: 60*)
  • Puppy Love Repaint/Colorway (RTW Prize, Edition Size: 60*)
  • Toymaker Santa (Rocking Horse) Repaint/Colorway (RTW Prize, Edition Size: 60*)
  • Mischievous Kitten Repaint/Colorway (RTW Prize, Edition Size: 60*)
  • Snowball and Tuxedo Repaint/Colorway (Collectors Feud Prize/ Photo Contest Prize , Edition Size: 120*)
  • Magical Snowman Repaint/Colorway (Local Club Talent Contest Winners Prize)
  • Festive Santa Repaint/Colorway (Local Club Talent Contest Participation Prize)
  • Noel Nutcracker Candy Claus Repaint (Local Club Dinner Gift Edition Size 1400*)

* Edition size are estimates only, no official edition size numbers are known.

Silent Auction Results:

  • K001 - Mary Hamilton and Sue Tague
    Mary Hamilton original painting and 2001 Snuggly Sugar Bear Bell hand-painted prototype
    Winning Bid - $600

  • K002 - Tammy Haddix
    2008 Snow Buddies hand-painted prototype and coordinating sketches
    Winning Bid - $750

  • K003 - Linda Sickman
    2006 Sweet Shop 1st in the series hand-painted prototype
    Winning Bid - $425

  • K004 - Anita Marra Rogers
    2004 Puppy Love hand-painted prototype (with incorrect fabric pattern) and sketch
    Winning Bid - $450

  • K005 - Edythe Kegrize and LaDene Votruba
    2006 Black-capped Chickadee hand-painted prototype and digital sketch
    Winning Bid - $500

  • K006 - Julie Forsyth
    2001 Safe n' Snug 1st in series hand-painted prototype and sketches for later years
    Winning Bid - $450

  • K007 - Kristina Gaughran
    Penquins hand-painted prototype bundle (2008 Slippin' and Slidin, 2006 Snow Fort Fun, 2004 Anything for a Friend)and coordinating sketch
    Winning Bid - $700

  • K008 - Keepsake Studio Artists
    2008 The Little Window Shoppers hand-painted prototype and repainted photo sample
    Winning Bid - $475

  • K009 - Diana McGehee
    2009 Faith, Hope,and Love--event exclusive hand-crafted ornament
    Winning Bid - $2,000

  • K010 - Julie Forsyth
    Chatty Cathy original doll, 2007 prototype and ornament from the Hallmark archives
    Winning Bid - $1,500

  • K011 - Ruth Donikowski
    2009 Baby's First Christmas Classic Pooh hand-painted prototype, photo sample, sketch and fabric swatches
    Winning Bid - $300

  • K012 - Robert Chad
    Santa's Nightstand hand-painted prototype / ornament never produced
    Winning Bid - $575

  • K013 - Sue Tague
    Crayola bundle (2001 Crayola Color Crew Chief, 2000 King of the Ring, 2006 "Suited" for the Season hand-painted prototypes and the 1997 Crayola Rocking Horse and 1998 Crayola sledder photo samples)
    Winning Bid - $650

  • K014 - Joanne Eschrich
    2009 Father Christmas Event Exclusive hand-painted prototype and sketch
    Winning Bid - $900

  • K015 - Sharon Visker
    2006 Frosty Friends hand-painted prototype
    Winning Bid - $450

  • K016 - Linda Sickman
    2005 Special Edition Rocking Horse hand-painted prototype
    Winning Bid - $500

  • K017 - Tammy Haddix
    2008 Trimming the Tree 1st in series hand-painted prototype and sketch
    Winning Bid - $350

  • K018 - All Studio Artists
    2009 The Ornament Express hand-painted prototype and sketch
    Winning Bid - $450

  • K019 - Nina Aube
    1994 Merry Miniature--Mouse Saying Pledge of Allegiance hand-painted prototype. Never produced, Nina indicated the left hand was over the heart instead of the right.
    Winning Bid - $2,000

  • K020 - Don Palmiter
    Mary & Friends Hallmark Collections original sculpts
    Winning Bid - $450

  • K021 - Tracy Larsen
    2008 A Holiday Ride hand-painted prototype and sketch
    Winning Bid - $500

  • K022 - Ken Crow
    2002 Teacher's Pet hand-painted prototype--ornament never produced
    Winning Bid - $425

  • K023 - Linda Sickman
    2006 Pony for Christmas hand-painted prototype and repainted 2008 Pony for Christmas hand-painted prototype
    Winning Bid - $600

  • K024 - Anita Marra Rogers
    2003 Puppy Love original sculpt, hand-painted prototype, and sketch
    Winning Bid - $600

  • K025 - Tammy Haddix
    2003 Santa Says hand-painted prototype, epoxy, and sketch--ornament never produced
    Winning Bid - $1,600

Much of the information compiled here was found on the YuleLog Bulletin Board - Thanks to all YuleLoggers who contributed thoughts and information.

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