Monday, December 20, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

One of the most popular ornaments for 2010 is the Countdown to Christmas ornament,

with its fun Santa and digital countdown clock - it's popular with the Santa believers young and old. If you're in the Kansas City area, you've probably seen the life size ornament at Crown Center - FUN FUN FUN!

All of the staff at Hooked on Ornaments would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas full of blessings and good cheer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Decorating How To DVD

Don't you wish you could create a tree like this?

earn to decorate your Christmas tree and your home like a professional holiday decorator!
You're going to LOVE this new Christmas Decorating "How To" DVD that is crammed full of tips, tricks, how tos and creative inspiration. Priced at ONLY $10 this one hour DVD is going to be your BEST holiday decorating purchase this year!

We know you're going to love this MUST HAVE decorating DVD

Order your DVD today from Hooked on Ornaments and let's decorate for Christmas! Eileen Bickerstaff from The Seasonal Home and Creative Family Traditions shares tons of secrets that professional holiday decorators use to create beautiful holiday displays. Now, you can learn those tips and tricks to create awe inspiring Christmas displays in your own home!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallmark Recordable Storybooks

Last year Hallmark unveiled recordable storybooks. The books allow you to record the story in your own voice. Whether it's a grandparent recording a book for a grandchild, a parent for a child, a grandchild for a grandparent; these books are a wonderful and very special way to create a gift that can be enjoyed over and over again.

For 2010 a number of books are available including: Night Before Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, I Love You Grandma, My Grandpa and Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Very First Christmas.

You can find the recordable storybooks at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores or Learn more at Hooked on Ornaments

Video from Hallmark Cards, Inc - You Tube

Monday, October 25, 2010

Awesome Articles from

Hallmark Ornament Collectors and Star Trek fans won't want to miss two AWESOME articles celebrating 20 Years of Star Trek Hallmark ornaments! Beginning with the 1991 Starship Enterprise sculpted by Lynn Norton (his very first Keepsake Ornament sculpt), read interesting tidbits of information about this and other Star Trek ornaments that added a huge new
segment to Hallmark ornaments.

Article One from - Click Here
discusses Star Trek Hallmark ornaments 1991 - 1999.
Article Two from - Click Here
discusses Star Trek Hallmark ornaments 2000 - 2010.

Both articles are must reads for all Hallmark ornament collectors.
Check our Star Trek Series page on our site to see pictures of ALL the Hallmark Keepsake Star Trek ornaments. We are happy to help you find the Hallmark ornaments that you missed from previous years.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Interesting Tidbits

Joanne Eschrich, Keepsake Ornament artist was asked,
"When you have an assignment, where do you start with it?"

Her answer, "Most of the licensed ornaments are usually requests that start from a drawing. Those are fun, ‘cause you’re looking through all sorts of references, taking a little bit of everything and cre...ating something a little different with Wonder Woman or Donald Duck. Most of my series came from my ideas or a request for more snowmen or Santas in the product line. From there, I’ll start from brainstorming from scratch and come up with sketches after sketches and sometimes it’s a matter of showing 10 or 20 different ideas that I share with the team to bring it in and find a focus."
(Ornament shown above - 2010 Father Christmas #7 in the series designed and sculpted by Joanne Eschrich.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Interesting Tidbits

Recently there have been some fun Faceboook posts from Hallmark. This week we thought we would share them with you here on the Hooked on Ornaments blog.

Hallmark Keepsake ornament artist Tracy Larsen was asked,
"How long does it take to create an ornament from a sketch to 3-D?"

His answer, "It depends upon the ornament. Generally give us a couple of weeks to sculpt a piece, that’s the normal timetable we have. You may be working on two or three different pieces at the same time at different parts of the process—painting one and sculpting another. Sketching out another. We try not to multi-task, but two weeks is the general ballpark of time we have to sculpt a piece. We create prototypes, and packaging all at the same time. There are a whole lot of people in the works that help these get out into the stores."

The ornament shown above is the 2010 Piston Cup Tire Tree sculpted by Tracy Larsen for the 2010 Hallmark Keepsake ornament line.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Warehouse Sale

We had another wonderful Warehouse Sale last Saturday! The lovely Linda Sickman showed up early to sign and stayed with us until 2pm, signing ornaments for collectors from all over the United States. We had friends visiting from Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and California, as well as collectors from the local area!
LaDene Votruba and Sharon Pike stopped by with Joyce Lyle to visit with Linda and chat with collectors. We were also delighted to have Lynn Norton stop by!
As always, we helped complete collections for avid collectors as well as helping to start some new ones. It is always fun to help someone who is on the hunt for a special treasure or a great bargain. If you've never been to one of our sales, please mark your calendars for our next sale in April 2011!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Your "Boo" On! Halloween Decorating Ideas

From The Seasonal Home
and Eileen Bickerstaff's
Creative Family Traditions

. . . time to decorate my 4 foot, black Halloween Twig Tree (Marge’s Specialties in Orlando, FL). I added orange ball ornaments (also from Marge’s), some artificial sugary, candy corn garland (found at Ross Stores or on eBay), wooden eyeball cut-outs (purchased these many years ago, but they would be easy to make if you are handy) and various Halloween ornaments, including several by Hallmark. [some of the Hallmark ornaments are from previous years, but you can still find them at].

I perched my tree on top of a table I already had, which I covered in 2 fabrics (a silver spider web over black jersey print I found at JoAnn’s, etc. and an orange satin I found at Wal-Mart). I topped the 2 fabrics with an oversized spider web. Using this brings the texture in the tree down into the table covers, creating some continuity.

(Shown: 2010 Monster Mash & 2009 Sweet N Silly Ghost)

(Shown: 2003 Blown Glass Witch, 2009 Sweet N Silly Ghost & 2004 Trick or Treat)

Last, but not least, I added my bendable, ghost tree-hugger (Joann’s, etc., a couple of years ago) to the tree top and placed a glittery “BOO” sign in his hands. I also added a spider web (with a glittery purple spider) to the center letter “O”, which I found at Michael’s Crafts… some cute spooky ornaments ... plus a few silk, fall leaves around the base of the tree to hide the metal tree stand and viola’, the tree is done!

For the entire article as well as more Halloween decorating ideas visit The Seasonal Home.
You can find a large selection of Hallmark Halloween ornaments like the ones seen in the photos above at Hooked on Ornaments - Halloween In Stock Now . Currently ALL in stock Halloween ornaments are on sale!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Artists On Tour

What's the latest 'scoop' on the 2010 Artists on Tour events and the 2010 Santa's Armoire signing piece? With four of the event weekends completed one thing is for certain at this point, the Santa's Armoire is going to be a difficult piece to find on the secondary market.

The first events helds August 7, 14 and 21st each reported similar stories. Lines formed hours before the store opening and the Armoire sold out within the first hour of the event. We have heard that hosting stores have had the option to purchase 290 of the Armoires for the events, some stores did not buy their full allocations. It has been reported that the Bloomington, IL signing offered 390 Armoires, but there were still collectors who were turned away empty handed.

We do have a VERY LIMITED supply of the armoire available. If you are unable to attend one of the signing events.
(Click here for info at on the 2010 Santa's Armoire)

(Photos are from the Tulsa signing event.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Linda Sickman Prototypes

Hooked on Ornaments is excited to welcome retired Hallmark Keepsake Master Artist, Linda Sickman as our signing artist for the October 2, 2010 Fall Warehouse Sale and Signing Event.

In honor of the event Hooked on Ornaments is offering two Linda Sickman Hallmark Keepsake prototypes at silent auction. These rare, one of a kind prototypes will be signed by Linda Sickman and will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Many of the prototypes that we see are difficult to identify as prototypes because the prototype and manufactured ornament are very similar. These two particular prototypes are easily identified as prototypes due to the many differences between the prototype and resulting manufactured ornament. The photos above and the photos below show the manufactured ornaments on the left and the prototypes on the right.

If you are interested in placing a bid in our silent auction email with the item you wish to bid on (Toys or Christmas Welcome) and your minimum bid. You will be assigned a bidder number. High bids will be tracked on our website at
You can learn more here

Good luck, happy bidding and we look forward to seeing you at our October 2, Fall Warehouse Sale and Signing Event.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Layaway at Hooked on Ornaments

LAYAWAY? A nearly forgotten service a few years ago, but now a very practical buying option!

Our Hooked on Ornaments Layaway Plan is proving to be a popular Collectors payment option.

*A great way to get that "gotta have" expensive ornament at a preseason price.
*A smart way to get a jump start on your Holiday Shopping.
*A fun way to take advantage of today's great sales on our site.

It's quick and easy:
Hooked on Ornaments LAYAWAY PLAN-
● Simply add all of the items that you are interested in to your shopping cart (min. $200.). Call our friendly customer service reps at (812) 366-4353. We will be happy to complete the layaway transaction for you.

● We will ask for your shipping and billing information. You will need to provide a credit card number and authorization for three separate billings.
You will be billed automatically:

1/3 at the time of layaway submission
1/3 at 30 days
1/3 at 60 days - when your order will ship.

Visit http://hookedonornaments today and let the shopping begin!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hallmark Halloween 2010

Visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown store soon to find some spooky fun Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. If you love the Halloween ornaments we suggest you buy early - the Halloween ornaments aren't produced in the same quantities as the Christmas Keepsakes and may sell out well before Halloween.

This year's Keepsake line features the Peanuts Gang in their Halloween finery ready for trick or treating. You might notice that the boxes for the Halloween ornaments are smaller than in previous years. As indicated in an earlier blog post you'll find that the box sizes this year are smaller, but the ornament size hasn't changed.

(Shown 2010 I Got a Rock, 2010 Charlie Brown and 2009 Charlie Brown)

You don't want to miss the first Hallmark Halloween Magic ornament - "Monster Mash." Just press the button to hear music from "Monster Mash" performed by Bobby "Borris" Pickett.

You'll also find the "Sassy" Halloween "B line" ornaments are back again in 2010. These ornaments feature some female Halloween characters with "sassy" sayings like "If the boooot fits, buy it." and "Embrace your inner witch."
Shop 2010 Hallmark Halloween or 2009 Hallmark Halloween

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hallmark Berry Sweet Bears

So over the past couple of weeks we've been getting quite a few calls asking about the Hallmark Keepsake Berry Sweet Bears. These adorable bears were issued in "Chocolate" and "Vanilla".

The "Chocolate" Berry Sweet Bear was given away as a Register To Win prize during the 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere. Each participating store received one of the Chocolate bear to award as a prize. That means there are approximately 3500 of this item in existence.

The "Vanilla" Berry Sweet Bear will be given away as a Register To Win prize during the 2010 Hallmark Artists On Tour signing events that will be held in 16 different locations across the United States August 7 - October 16. (Click here for more information.) The "Vanilla" bear is "repaint" or "colorway" of the "Chocolate" bear. We are hearing that a number of this item will be given away at each signing, but the production numbers will still be very small for this item. We also aren't exactly sure what a "number" might be, definitely sounds like more than one; but does that mean 5, 10, 20? No, one knows at this point.

I took a look at ebay to see how the values are fairing for the Keepsake Ornament Premiere "Chocolate" bear. It looks like the Chocolate bear is averaging auction prices of $150 - $175. That's pretty sweet.
There have been a number of people calling about whether or not we will have either of the bears in the future. You can never tell. It is highly possible, but we have no way of knowing when that may be.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hallmark Packaging Going Green

The 2010 Hallmark Ornament Premiere was last weekend, July 10th and 11th. You may have noticed that something looked a little different while perusing the display of new 2010 Hallmark Keepsake ornaments.

It seems that Hallmark has made a couple of little changes that can make a big change for our environment. The first and most noticable change is that the ornament box size has been reduced. You'll find that the boxes this year are smaller than what most collectors are accustomed to seeing. In general we have found that ornament size hasn't decreased, only the "wiggle" room inside the box.

Here are a couple of nice comparison photos showing the ornaments and boxes of this years ornaments compared to last year's ornaments and boxes. Note again that ornament size is the same, only the extra space inside the box has decreased.
You'll find the second change when you open the box and look inside. Last year there were a handful of ornaments that were wrapped in tissue paper instead of the "normal" bubble wrap or plastic insert. This year when you get your ornaments home you will find that the majority of the 2010 Hallmark Keepsakes feature the tissue paper interior packaging.

Of course tissue paper interior packaging is not new to Keepsakes, during the early 90s most of the ornaments were packaged with tissue paper. Although its almost impossible to get the ornament wrapped back up to its original state, paper (especially recycled) is much kinder on the environment than plastic.

What are your thoughts on the new packaging? We'd love to hear your opinions.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere

It's that time of year again. For most people July means summer vacation, trips to the pool, and lots of sunshine and heat. For Hallmark Collectors, July means Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere. This weekend, July 10-11, you will find most of us at our local Hallmark Gold Crown stores bright and early. Most Gold Crown stores will open early for the event.

Ornament Premiere gives Hallmark ornament collectors their first "hands on" look at the new ornaments and there are often festivities planned by local clubs. You won't want to miss the Ornament Premiere featured ornaments either ...
As a member of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) you are eligible to purchase the porcelain Siren Barbie Doll ornament. If you make a minumum purchase of $7.95 you are also eligible for the Smiling Soldier ornament just for showing your KOC membership card.

There are four register to win ornaments this year. Each store will be receiving one of each of the four designs, this means that the production size on these ornaments is approximately 3500 each.
Plane Crazy - Lando Calrissian - Run Toto Run - Lady Cardinal

Ten Terrific Years - Princess Tiana - B.H. Bugg - O Christmas Chipmunks

Pony for Christmas - Snow Many Penguins

There are quite a few "Limited Quantity" Special Edition ornaments this year, but a couple of them really stand out as MUST haves. We have heard that numbers available in each store will be more than last year, but they will still definitely be LIMITED. So if you see one you like, you better get to your local store early.

As always, we encourage everyone to have a fun time at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores this weekend. If you're not able to find one of the special Premiere ornaments, Hooked on Ornaments normally carries them on our website at

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hallmark Miniature Gallery Ornaments

Reprinted from "Deck the Halls" Winter 1992 - Volume 4 Number 4

Hallmark Miniature Gallery (1974)

Have you ever heard of Hallmark Miniature Gallery products? Most Hallmark collectors haven't. Before the new Hallmark Galleries Collection, there was the Little Gallery giftware line that began in the late 1970's and was discontinued in the early 1980's. But if you go back even earlier in the history of Hallmark than Little Gallery, you'll find Miniature Gallery. Not much is known about this line, and I'd guess that most of the information on it has been lost over the years

Miniature Gallery was the predecessor to Little Gallery, and was started in the early 1970's. Miniature Gallery items included cameo lapel pins, miniature "canvas" prints of paintings complete with easels, and these rare, early Hallmark Christmas ornaments.

Two of the six Miniature Gallery ornaments that were available are shown in this issue, here on the front and back covers. ( Our blog article shows a picture of all six ornaments produced.) They are hard, white-plastic discs, and measure 3 1/4" across and each has a 1/4" deep rim. They hang from olive-green yarn. Recessed in the back of each disc is a circle of olive-green felt that is captioned "Merry Christmas 1974." A rectangular gold-foil sticker identifies each ornament. At the top of the sticker is the Hallmark "crown." Below that it reads:
(View of the back of the ornament with gold foil sticker)
Hallmark Miniature Gallery Christmas Ornament
Designed by (Artist's Name*) Hallmark Cards, Inc. (Stock #*)

* Varies from ornament to ornament

The six ornaments produced are as follows:

Madonna and Child in Wreath
200AWN4201 - "From the Workshop of Andrea della Robia"

"JOY" Inside Wreath
200AWN4202 - "Designed by Susan Tinker"

"Hang In There" Koala

200AWN4203 - "Designed by Ruth J Morehead"

"God Bless Us Everyone" Tiny Tim
200AWN4204 - Designed by Mary Hamilton

Not A Creature Was Stirring" Mouse
200AWN4205 - Designed by Polly Brewer

Angel with Poinsettia
200AWN4206 - Designed by Janet R Manco
Secondary Market Value on these rare ornaments is $100 each. (Value is from 1992 - Secondary Market Value has increased) It's fair to say these have to be some of the rarest ornaments produced by Hallmark. I would love to know if any of you have these in your collections. If you do, please drop a line to Deck the Halls, and let me know what you have and where you acquired it, the "history" of the ornament, as it were. Do any readers have information on Miniature Gallery they would like to share? I'd love to learn more and I bet Deck the Halls readers would be interested too!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hallmark Inquiring Minds Wanted To Know

There has been a rumor among Hallmark Ornament collectors for years regarding the 1992 Stocked With Joy tin ornament. It was thought that the tin used for the 1992 Hallmark ornament was "reused" from a previous Mary Engelbreit Santa ornament that was never produced due to licensing issues.

Well, we had to know...
... and the answer is no. The tin used for the 1992 Stocked With Joy Hallmark Keepsake is not a resuse of the tin from the unproduced ornament.

We love to hear your questions! Send us your questions or interests for future blog articles at

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cupid Merry Miniature and Boxes

As Merry Miniature collectors know Merry Miniatures produced prior to 1996 were never packaged in boxes - except... the 1983 Cupid.

The 1983 Cupid Merry Miniature is one of the hardest of the Merry Miniatures to find. It's even harder to find in its original box. We recently received one that is not only in its original box, the box is in mint condition. (Here's a link if you'd like to check it out.)

Merry Miniatures were sold from 1974 to 1996 unboxed. In 1996 Hallmark began issuing Merry Miniature sets. Those sets were sold boxed. Collectors were generally not happy with the sets and in 1999 Hallmark returned to individual Merry Miniatures. These were boxed in plastic cases. In 2001 the Merry Miniatures were discontinued.

Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Comic Con Hallmark Exclusives

We learned this weekend that Hallmark will be returning to the San Diego, CA Comic Con July 21-25, 2010 with a line up of exclusive ornaments. 2009 was the first year that Hallmark attended the Comic Con convention and the Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments from the event were some of the most sought after ornaments from 2009. This year there are 3 ornaments that will be available.

75 Years of DC Comics
features three of DC Comics most iconic heroes exploding from the pages of their comic books - Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. This ornament would be an awesome complement to your
Comic Book Heroes series. This ornament is a limited edition of 750 ornaments.

K-3PO and R-3PO
is a two piece set featuring the protocol droids K-3PO and R-3PO. These ornaments are repaints of the 2003
Star Wars Series #7 in series - C-3PO. The set includes the red plated R-3PO and the white plated K-3PO. This two piece ornament set is a limited edition of 1000.

Mr Burn's Christmas Bonus
from The Simpsons. This ornament is a limited edition of 500 ornaments.

These Hallmark Keepsakes will be offered for sale every day of the convention. Visitors to the Hallmark booth at Comic Con will receive a series of collectible buttons featuring Star Wars Keepsake ornaments. The button series will feature five designs, with one design to be given away each day of the convention. A limited number of buttons with each design will be produced.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


FUN Hallmark Grab Bags ONLY $4
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Linda Sickman - Our Signing Artist Fall Warehouse Sale Event

Announcing the
- Hooked on Ornaments Fall Warehouse Sale & Artist Signing Event
Retired Hallmark Master Artist, Linda Sickman, will be joining us Saturday, October 2, 2010!

Mark your calendar now and make plans to join us for this very RARE opportunity to meet Linda Sickman. Linda will be signing ornaments that she sculpted during her 45 year career at Hallmark. She sculpted hundreds of ornaments from the very beginning in 1973 until her retirement last year.

Linda is probably best known for her Rocking Horse, Tin Locomotive and Pony for Christmas series. She is the favorite Hallmark artist for many collectors.

The Fall Warehouse Sale will offer BARGAINS GALORE, Door prizes and a new exhibit from the Lee & Dean Hallmark Museum.

We are elated to have Linda as our signing artist for this "can't miss" event! To celebrate we are offering Linda's Rocking Horses, Ponies and Trains at SALE prices!
Shop our Linda Sickman Sale

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm in love....
with the Hallmark videos on YouTube!

Here's a great one I came across this morning. The people in the video worked on the 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dreambook - (and the writer who loves the Star Trek ornament, he was in charge of one of my bingo games during the KOC event last year! He is hilarious and was tons of fun at the event.)

Anyway, without further ado...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Run, Rudolph, Run and Hallmark Guitar Ornaments

Today I'm still hard at work adding 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments to the Hooked on Ornaments database/website. I just added the 2010 Run, Rudolph, Run ornament and thought I'd share some thoughts on Hallmark guitar ornaments. Electric guitar, classic guitar, Hallmark has included both in the Keepsake designs.

For this ornament in particular, I have to say "Run, Rudolph, Run" has to be one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. Although, my apologies to Chuck Berry, I really thought the name of the song was "Run, Run, Rudolph". The ornament itself, at least comparing pictures, is very similar to the 2009 Jingle Bell Rock. Here's a pic and I'll let you compare...

The 2009 Jingle Bell Rock, has a base coat of red, while the 2010 has a base coat of white. The 2009 has white control knobs, the 2010's knobs are black. The background behind the bells on the 2009 ornament is gold, on the 2010 the background is red. All in all, they appear quite similar. Honestly, I love them both! I can see a whole themed tree for my teenaged son's room. He would love it.

Perhaps you're asking, "That's great Rhonda, but what about other guitar ornaments?" Well, you're in luck, because Hallmark has made quite a few! There were actually three ornaments in 2009 that featured a guitar - Jingle Bell Rock, of course, but there was also Scooby Doo "rockin' it", as well as, Snoopy and Woodstock. But Hallmark's first guitar ornament was the 1986 Christmas Guitar.

Through the years there have been a number of Hallmark Keepsakes that feature a guitar as the main design or as an integral part of the design. Here are the ones that you'll find at when you search the site for "guitar"

1986 Christmas Guitar
1992 Feliz Navidad
1992 Elvis
2001 Heart of Collecting
2003 Rock N Roll Stitch
2004 Feliz Navidad
2006 Kid Speak - Music
2008 Feliz Navidad
2009 Jingle Bell Rock
2009 Christmas Rocks
2009 Rock Star Scooby Doo
2010 Jingle Jamboree
2010 Run Rudolph Run

Of course, I'm still working on the 2010s so there may be more for this year. As for past years, we try to update search terms as we find relevant items, so its possible there are other ornaments, but those are definitely the main ones.

Hope you enjoyed the impromptu post! Hope everyone has a "Rockin!" day.