Monday, March 22, 2010

Hallmark's First Musical Greeting Cards

Digging through a box of odds and ends today, we found an old issue of the Ornament Trader from June 1990. Inside, there was this photo of a Hall Brothers "Greetaphone Card" from 1924.

Each Greetaphone card had an unbreakable phonograph record attached - the one above played "My Friend," a verse by Edgar A Guest. It notes in the article that, unfortunately, the recordings were nearly inaudible and that dealers were credited for the cards.

How remarkable that an idea from 1924 would be something so fun and new when introduced January 2006 - 82 years later!! Hallmark now offers more than 500 cards with music, sound clips from movies, TV shows, and commercials. The high-quality of sound and fun variety of clips has made them a big hit. Everything old is new again!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Chris Webb

Chris Webb started drawing in grade school as a cheap way to satsify his urge to create. Paper and pencils weren't too big a load on his young budget. He soon became known as "the artist" in school, with all around assuming that he would one day make his living that way.

While Chris took art in school, his instructor knew that the school's limited program wouldn't be enough. He suggested trying the Kansas City Art Institute. In the Institute's wood shop, Chris first got his hands on real scuplting and woodworking tools. It was the first time he had the opportunity to use high quality tools to explore his ideas. Every student was required to study in the shop, but most took the course and never came back. Chris practically never left, discovering talents there that he didn't know he had.

And where did Chris get the interest in motor vehicles that is apparent in each of his Keepsakes work? Chris has been finding his way around the inside of automobiles since he was fifteen. His uncle also owned a motor parts store where Chris spent a lot of his time.

(The "Curtain Rod" - Chris' Hot Rod Hearse)

Chris is probably most well known for the popular Fire Brigade series. These scale replicas of famous fire trucks are intricately detailed and fun, featuring siren sounds. Chris has sculpted many other Keepsakes featuring autos including many of the Hot Wheels ornaments and Kiddie Cars.

Chris will be joining us Saturday, April 17th from 10 am until noon at the April Warehouse Sale and Signing Event. He will sign ornaments that he sculpted during his years at Hallmark. If you aren't able to join us, place an order for Chris Webb ornaments and add a comment in the order notes that you would like the ornaments signed. We will have the ornaments signed by Chris and ship your order the week following the event.

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