Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Give the Gift of Keepsakes All Year 'Round

We often get calls during "off season" asking about current year Baby's First Christmas and Our Christmas Together ornaments. In the past our answer has normally been, "Unfortunately the Hallmark Keepsakes don't premiere until July." But for this year, and at least through 2011, our answer will be, "We'll be happy to help!"

This year Hallmark Keepsakes is offering a few "year round" ornaments. They are Baby's First Christmas, Our Christmas Together and In Memorium. It is my understanding that these ornaments should be available year round at your Hallmark stores (and at ).

The Baby's First Christmas is a re-issue of the wildly popular 2009 B is for Babies ornament. Porcelain booties are hanging from a ribbon with a little dated heart tag. The "2010" version includes two little heart charms - one is dated 2010 and the other is dated "2011". This ornament is available in store and at now. It would make a lovely baby shower or christening gift. (See Item)

The Our Christmas Together ornament is a re-issue of the 2009 Our Christmas Together. Again the ornament comes with two charms, one dated "2010" and the other dated "2011". Both of these ornaments come in the regular Hallmark Keepsake Ornament box, but they have the little triangle sticker indicating that the 2010 and 2011 charms are included. (See Item)

The In Memorium ornament is not dated and has been available for a few years. This silver ornament is shaped like angel wings and a little heart hangs from the center. Both sides of the dangling heart read, "Always in our hearts". (See Item)

Another ornament that is available now (and right on time) is the 2010 Graduation ornament. This ornament is a photoholder ornament, so that you can insert a photo. There's a little diploma that you can add a note to, or as the literature suggests, replace with cash. "2010" dangles from the cap's tassle. (See Item)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keepsake Ornament Club Membership

We're gearing up for another busy week at Hooked on Ornaments. This week we're focusing on entering all of the 2010s into the database! Let me tell you, that's a BIG job! But I love it, because I get a chance to really look at each ornament. I'm hoping that will offer the 2010 Dream Book in the same format as last year a little later in the year. That interactive Dream Book was awesome! It offered the opportunity to see different sides of some of the ornaments as well as videos of the magic ornaments. I can't wait! For the remainder of the week I think we'll focus on some of the favorites I find as I enter ornaments into the database each day.

Today, I'd like to highlight a new service that Hooked on Ornaments is offering. You can now join the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) through Hooked on Ornaments! Each year we have international customers who ask about joining KOC. We are now offering the option to easily purchase a KOC membership through our website.
You'll receive the same benefits of club membership that US and Canadian club members enjoy, we just handle the "leg work" for you. Your club ornaments will ship right to you. As a Keepsake Ornament Club Member you have the choice of two Keepsake of Membership ornaments with the option of purchasing the third at regular price. You also can choose to purchase any or all of the KOC Exclusive ornaments offered. You will receive log in information for where you will enjoy exclusive KOC member information!

We are excited about offering this new service and hope that you enjoy the Keepsake Ornament Club! If you are a resident of the US or Canada - you can join the club through If you would like to learn more about purchasing your KOC Membership through Hooked on Ornaments, Just Click Here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April Warehouse Sale Wrap-Up

What a wonderful day we had on Saturday at our Spring Warehouse Sale & Signing event! If you joined us....THANK YOU! We hope you had as much fun as we did. We're working on getting all the photos uploaded to our Facebook page today, but first we want to congratulate our lucky door prize winners!

  • Winner of the Joyce Lyle Seraphina Angel figure was Carol Brown from Robinson, KS!
  • Winner of the Chris Webb basket of ornaments was Millie Williamson of El Dorado Springs, MO!
  • Winner of the Mother's Day basket was Laura Clairborne of Olathe, KS!
  • Winner of the Lou Rankin "Pucker Up" frog figure was Marty Fuller of Overland Park, KS!
And now, a couple of photos from the sale...

Chris Webb and Joyce Lyle were so generous with their time and were a delight to visit with.

Debbie Mora was with us from the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club. Debbie brought along a great selection of ornaments from the 2010 line for a special sneek peek!

Hallmark artist Don Palmiter and his wife Karol stopped by!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Blog! It's Friday!

It has certainly been a busy week this week at Hooked on Ornaments. (Both at the warehouse in Kansas and at the customer service desk in Indiana.) We hope that you will join us tomorrow for our annual Spring Warehouse Sale and Signing Event. If not ...

Save 10% off your website order!
Just use coupon code BL4162010 to take 10% off your order.

Our next warehouse event will be in October. Dates will be announced here once they are finalized. Nicki is already hard at work trying to line up some super fun guests.

We did add some "sneak peak" pics to our Facebook photo albums also. Take a look at what's in store for tomorrow as well as some pictures from past events at the warehouse.

Have a glorious and fun filled weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Santa's Armoire - Artist Signing Event Piece

Finally the pictures of the 2010 Santa's Armoire are available at - and it looks amazing!

Santa's suit's been cleaned and pressed-
on Christmas Eve, he'll be "Best Dressed"!
Till then it's hanging safe and sound
with favorite toys all gathered round!

One of the most fun traditions in the Keepsakes studio is the collaboration on the annual event piece - each artist loves to add his or her special touch! This year's piece is Santa's Armoire, where, it is imagined, Santa's freshly cleaned outfit is stored along with some of his favorite toys.

Design Concept & Art Direction: Edythe Kegrize
Armoire Structure: Robert Hurlburt
Scene on Door: Robert Chad
Santa Head on Front: Valerie Shanks
Mouse on Top: Katrina Bricker
Carved Holly Detail: Don Palmiter
Back of Armoire: Terri Steiger
Tugboat: Orville Wilson
Doll: Tammy Haddix
Duck Pull Toy: Sharon Visker
Drum: Steve Goslin
Penguin: Joanne Eschrich
Bear: Nina Aube
Train: Ken Crow
Robot: Nello Williams
Rocking Horse: Tracy Larsen
Soldier: Cullen Brown
Mirror: Tom Best
Santa's Hat: Ruth Donikowski
Santa's Coat: Julie Forsyth
Santa's Boots: Anita Marra Rogers
Cat Toy: Kristina Kline-Gaughran
Reindeer Toy: Becky Hottel
Clown Jack in the Box: Sue Tague
Color Team: Deb Murray, Diana McGehee, Lisa Vogel
Bottom Technical Touches: Rodney Gentry

Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Year of the Local Club

Recap March 2010 Collectively Speaking
Collectively Speaking is the local club newsletter from Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC)

The March 2010 Collectively Speaking proclaims 2010 as the Year of the Local Club. As Hallmark celebrates 100 years, they have decided to designate 2010 as the Year of the Local Club. A few things that local clubs can look forward to this year:
  • In March local clubs received a KOC shipment including a thank you DVD featuring some of the Keepsake Studio Artists, a game to be played at a local club meeting, and a special pin for each local club member.

  • In April, KOC will formally announce the Local Club Instore Signing Event Challenge winners. (You can find the preliminary information here.)

  • This spring local club members will have an opportunity to purchase specially designed merchandise from KOC - a shirt, a tote bag and a key ring to begin with.

  • Additional celebration details will be announced as they are finalized.

Throughout the year local clubs are invited to send KOC details about their activities and community service projects. One local club will be featured each month on Be sure to submit your club's information including a one page letter detailing your clubs 2010 plans, anything new, different or exciting that your club is planning and things that might set your club apart. Your club should also include at least one photo of your club. Additional information can be found at

(Each issue of Collectively Speaking also includes news articles of interest to local club members)

2010 Special Collectors Edition
If you've been following us on Twitter or Facebook you know that KOC members are once again enjoying a special edition of the Dreambook in 2010. This large magazine-sized version of the Dream Book features beautiful photographs of the 2010 Keepsake line, behind-the-scenes stories and a wish list. The Special Edition Dream Books were mailed last week. The online Dream Book is slated to be available at in mid April. If you're not a member of KOC you can order the 2010 Special Collectors Edition from Hooked on Ornaments while supplies last.

Special Repainted Ornament
KOC members have the opportunity to purchasae a limited-quantity repaint of the first in series Frosty Fun Decade ornament, sculpted by Tammy Haddix. This ornament can be ordered by calling 1-800-HALLMARK or by completing the 2010 renewal application. Price is $14.90 (including shipping from Hallmark KOC). Limit one ornament per membership. (Non members can purchase this item through us at - Frosty Fun Colorway )

For Keeps Online
For Keeps, the KOC membership newsletter will ONLY be available online through beginning this year. KOC members with an email address on file will receive email notification when each new issue is posted online. The move is being made to allow for video clips, animations and full rotating images of ornaments. There will be six issues available in 2010.

2010 KOC Membership Cards shipping with Membership ornaments in May
2010 membership cards will be enclosed with membership ornaments that begin shipping in May. The card will be attached in the upper right hand corner of the packing slip. Be sure to peel your membership card off the packing slip and put it in a safe place. You'll need your card to purchase the limited-quantity Club Exclusive ornaments available at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores.

Special Bonus Points for KOC Members
Turn in your Wish List (included in your KOC Special Edition Dream Book) to your local Hallmark Gold Crown retailer by June 1st and receive 500 Bonus Points to your Hallmark Gold Crown account.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Local Club Spotlight

Today is our final article recap of the March/April For Keeps. (Next week we will recap Collectively Speaking and we've got more fun planned!) For Keeps Recap Timely Treasures - Danville, VA
These 'collecting friends' keep a busy calendar.

Timely Treasures is highlighted in the March/April For Keeps Local Club Spotlight. (This club is close to my heart, as one of its members, is one of my favorite Hallmark friends. Hi Donna!) I only wish there was a club this active and involved in my area. The beginning of the For Keeps article starts off with the same thought - "Keeping a local club active and engaged takes a team of folks pitching in - planning, organizing and doing." Surprisingly, the article indicates the club doesn't even have a president! Just a core group of members that keep things running smoothly.

As in all local clubs, the members share a passion for collecting and decorating, but the club's main focus has been on charitable works. This year their cause has gone national and they've added a challenge to other Hallmark local clubs. As Donna Schweiger explains, "Our goal is to have 100 local clubs donate $100 each to the Susan G Komen Foundation in honor of Hallmark's 100th birthday." I LOVE it!

Throughout the year Timely Treasures has a schedule of activities that are not only fun, but truly beneficial and most importantly, I know that they are appreciated by the recipients. Donations to local food pantries and Valentines for nursing home residents were the activities for January and February for Timely Treasures.

From experience, I can tell you that you can always count on members of Timely Treasures to be in attendance at the Hallmark Keepsake national events. (I was delighted to run into Donna last year in Kansas City.) The For Keeps article hints at some interesting and fun local club meetings too - Sneak peeks, show and tells, and their own version of Antique Roadshow.

What a wonderful and inspiring Hallmark local club!

Would your local club like to accept the challenge and contribute?

Participating clubs may mail in a check or donate online:

Online at Susan G Komen For the Cure
If donating online you can choose In Honor of and enter "Hallmark's 100th Anniversary or Birthday"

or mail your donation to:
Susan G Komen for the Cure
ATTN: Donor Services
PO Box 650309

Dallas TX 75265-0309

Once your club has accepted the challenge or made their donation email Donna to let her know. Challenge and donation results will be shared with Hallmark Cards. Timely Treasures is hoping to complete the challenge by October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Here's a link to the map that tracks where donations have been received from - FUN! Thank you Herb!

and for members of local clubs out there - SPREAD THE WORD!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Timers - For Keeps Recap

First Timers - For Keeps Recap
New ornament series offer years of collecting fun

This behind the scenes look article shares three new series that will be unveiled at the July 10 and 11 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere and hints at two additional new series to be unveiled at the October 9 and 10 Ornament Debut Weekend.

The first new series is Windows of Faith. Inspired by the radiance of stained glass windows, this series will showcase these awe inspiring masterpieces. The first ornament in the series, Glad Tidings, is Tom Best's homage to the unheralded craftspeople who created their masterpieces in stone, iron and glass. Tom's ornament represents Luke 2:10 - "For behold, I bring you good tidings in great joy..."
The angel depicted was originally painted by Master Artist Bob Haas (you can find more of his work in the Little Gallery line). The ornament features a light clip for a truly beautiful display. According to the article, Tom is already working on the 2011 window which will feature the Madonna and Child.

We've had lots of questions about what series will be next in the "decade" style. It's hard to top such popular series as Fabulous Decade and Cool Decade, but we are really excited about the Frosty Fun Decade! This new series will feature snow and snowmen and the first in series is sculpted by Cool Decade artist, Tammy Haddix.

You don't want to miss the special repaint of the first Frosty Fun Deade that will be available for purchase only to KOC members. The original ornament features blues and purples, but the repaint has a traditional red and green holiday palette.

Tammy is no stranger to "snowy" ornaments, sculpting the Snow Buddies and Making Memories series. Our favorite part of the 2010 Frosty Fun Decade? Notice how the snowman's tummy is one of the "O"s. What can you expect in the future? Fresh colors and glitter!

"Everything I do has glitter," Tammy says with a laugh.

Star Trek Legends
After 20 years and more than 50 Keepsake ornaments based on Star Trek, Keepsakes finally has its first "official" Star Trek series with Star Trek Legends. Who better to start with than Captain James T Kirk. The series will feature characters from the 1960s television show that began it all. The figures in the series will be larger and more detailed thatn the characters on the Star Trek magic ornaments.

Keepsake Artist Anita Marra Rogers sculpted the first in the series, but she is no stranger to sculpting Kirk. This ornament is her seventh take on the famous captain.

Stay Tuned ...
Tomorrow will wrap up our weeklong recap of the March/April For Keeps. Next week will focus on Local Clubs and that means LOTS of FUN! I've got some fun stuff in the works.
Did you get this week's Freebies? Check out our Facebook or Twitter pages for details.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Art of the Crown - For Keeps Recap

As promised, today we are looking at the second article in the March/April 2010 For Keeps. For Keeps is a publication included with your KOC (Keepsake Ornament Club) Membership. If you love Hallmark Keepsake ornaments we highly recommend joining the national club.

Art of the Crown
Putting sparkle and shine on a Hallmark symbol

Inspired by "CowParade", the crown project offered Hallmark artists a chance to reflect their individuality and creativity through a blank canvas which began as a simple plastic resin crown. Over 255 crowns from all over the world, including some from Hallmark subsidiaries were completed. The crowns were displayed in Hallmark's Creative Resource Gallery in a month-long show. Some crowns will be displayed at the Imperial Hotel in Japan, before returning to the Hallmark Visitors Center, where they will rejoin the permanent display.

The original idea for the crown project came from Hallmark illustrators Stacey Lamb and Brett Iwan. They saw the project as a reflection of what Hallmarkers do everyday. For more information on how the idea was inspired check out Stacey Lamb's blog post on the Hallmark Signatures Blog. Check out the YouTube video for a brief tour of the Art of the Crown.
(Bet you can't guess whose crown that is? That's right! John Wagner - the creator of Maxine!)

Join us tomorrow for First Timers - New Series for 2010!
AND ... be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter ... we are currently offering a FREE insulated mug and totebag! Coupon codes can be found on our Social Media pages. (Limit one of each per customer.) - Offers will end on Tuesday, April 13th

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Keeps Recap - Hallmark's 100th Birthday

The latest issue of For Keeps (March/April 2010) is currently available to members of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club online - here . Yet another really great reason to become a member of the Keepsake club!

If you're not a member, but you're Hooked on Hallmark Ornaments like we are, this week we'll share some of the fun articles found in the publication!

It's Hallmark's 100th Birthday!
Hallmark Cards' 100th anniversary was officially Jan 10, 2010, but Hallmark will be celebrating all year long! Here's how you can join in on the celebration.

  • Visit's centennial-themed website and enjoy a visit behind the scenes with a video tour of the creative process, an employee blog and learn about significant people and products in Hallmark's history.
  • Look for a beautifully illustrated book, Hallmark: A Century of Caring. This book chronicles the Hall family, as well as others who have helped shape the Hallmark brand. The book is available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores and other participating book sellers. Hallmark employees received personal copies of the book as a gift!

  • This summer you'll find a special collection of greeting cards that feature designs from the Hallmark archives updated with fresh looks and sound! Card images and messages from as early as 1915 will be given makeovers by the Hallmark innovations team. Each card will include information about its original background as well as other fun facts.
  • Birthday cards created by participants in Hallmark's Your Greeting Card Competition will be available online later this year, top-selling cards will also be available in stores.
  • Check out fun videos on YouTube to catch a glimpse of the Hallmark 100th Birthday Cake! and other centennial celebration videos.

  • For Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collectors a commemorative centennial ornament featuring holiday themes will be available in stores beginning in July.