Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Santa's Armoire - Artist Signing Event Piece

Finally the pictures of the 2010 Santa's Armoire are available at www.kocmembers.com - and it looks amazing!

Santa's suit's been cleaned and pressed-
on Christmas Eve, he'll be "Best Dressed"!
Till then it's hanging safe and sound
with favorite toys all gathered round!

One of the most fun traditions in the Keepsakes studio is the collaboration on the annual event piece - each artist loves to add his or her special touch! This year's piece is Santa's Armoire, where, it is imagined, Santa's freshly cleaned outfit is stored along with some of his favorite toys.

Design Concept & Art Direction: Edythe Kegrize
Armoire Structure: Robert Hurlburt
Scene on Door: Robert Chad
Santa Head on Front: Valerie Shanks
Mouse on Top: Katrina Bricker
Carved Holly Detail: Don Palmiter
Back of Armoire: Terri Steiger
Tugboat: Orville Wilson
Doll: Tammy Haddix
Duck Pull Toy: Sharon Visker
Drum: Steve Goslin
Penguin: Joanne Eschrich
Bear: Nina Aube
Train: Ken Crow
Robot: Nello Williams
Rocking Horse: Tracy Larsen
Soldier: Cullen Brown
Mirror: Tom Best
Santa's Hat: Ruth Donikowski
Santa's Coat: Julie Forsyth
Santa's Boots: Anita Marra Rogers
Cat Toy: Kristina Kline-Gaughran
Reindeer Toy: Becky Hottel
Clown Jack in the Box: Sue Tague
Color Team: Deb Murray, Diana McGehee, Lisa Vogel
Bottom Technical Touches: Rodney Gentry

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