Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Art of the Crown - For Keeps Recap

As promised, today we are looking at the second article in the March/April 2010 For Keeps. For Keeps is a publication included with your KOC (Keepsake Ornament Club) Membership. If you love Hallmark Keepsake ornaments we highly recommend joining the national club.

Art of the Crown
Putting sparkle and shine on a Hallmark symbol

Inspired by "CowParade", the crown project offered Hallmark artists a chance to reflect their individuality and creativity through a blank canvas which began as a simple plastic resin crown. Over 255 crowns from all over the world, including some from Hallmark subsidiaries were completed. The crowns were displayed in Hallmark's Creative Resource Gallery in a month-long show. Some crowns will be displayed at the Imperial Hotel in Japan, before returning to the Hallmark Visitors Center, where they will rejoin the permanent display.

The original idea for the crown project came from Hallmark illustrators Stacey Lamb and Brett Iwan. They saw the project as a reflection of what Hallmarkers do everyday. For more information on how the idea was inspired check out Stacey Lamb's blog post on the Hallmark Signatures Blog. Check out the YouTube video for a brief tour of the Art of the Crown.
(Bet you can't guess whose crown that is? That's right! John Wagner - the creator of Maxine!)

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