Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Timers - For Keeps Recap

First Timers - For Keeps Recap
New ornament series offer years of collecting fun

This behind the scenes look article shares three new series that will be unveiled at the July 10 and 11 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere and hints at two additional new series to be unveiled at the October 9 and 10 Ornament Debut Weekend.

The first new series is Windows of Faith. Inspired by the radiance of stained glass windows, this series will showcase these awe inspiring masterpieces. The first ornament in the series, Glad Tidings, is Tom Best's homage to the unheralded craftspeople who created their masterpieces in stone, iron and glass. Tom's ornament represents Luke 2:10 - "For behold, I bring you good tidings in great joy..."
The angel depicted was originally painted by Master Artist Bob Haas (you can find more of his work in the Little Gallery line). The ornament features a light clip for a truly beautiful display. According to the article, Tom is already working on the 2011 window which will feature the Madonna and Child.

We've had lots of questions about what series will be next in the "decade" style. It's hard to top such popular series as Fabulous Decade and Cool Decade, but we are really excited about the Frosty Fun Decade! This new series will feature snow and snowmen and the first in series is sculpted by Cool Decade artist, Tammy Haddix.

You don't want to miss the special repaint of the first Frosty Fun Deade that will be available for purchase only to KOC members. The original ornament features blues and purples, but the repaint has a traditional red and green holiday palette.

Tammy is no stranger to "snowy" ornaments, sculpting the Snow Buddies and Making Memories series. Our favorite part of the 2010 Frosty Fun Decade? Notice how the snowman's tummy is one of the "O"s. What can you expect in the future? Fresh colors and glitter!

"Everything I do has glitter," Tammy says with a laugh.

Star Trek Legends
After 20 years and more than 50 Keepsake ornaments based on Star Trek, Keepsakes finally has its first "official" Star Trek series with Star Trek Legends. Who better to start with than Captain James T Kirk. The series will feature characters from the 1960s television show that began it all. The figures in the series will be larger and more detailed thatn the characters on the Star Trek magic ornaments.

Keepsake Artist Anita Marra Rogers sculpted the first in the series, but she is no stranger to sculpting Kirk. This ornament is her seventh take on the famous captain.

Stay Tuned ...
Tomorrow will wrap up our weeklong recap of the March/April For Keeps. Next week will focus on Local Clubs and that means LOTS of FUN! I've got some fun stuff in the works.
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