Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Give the Gift of Keepsakes All Year 'Round

We often get calls during "off season" asking about current year Baby's First Christmas and Our Christmas Together ornaments. In the past our answer has normally been, "Unfortunately the Hallmark Keepsakes don't premiere until July." But for this year, and at least through 2011, our answer will be, "We'll be happy to help!"

This year Hallmark Keepsakes is offering a few "year round" ornaments. They are Baby's First Christmas, Our Christmas Together and In Memorium. It is my understanding that these ornaments should be available year round at your Hallmark stores (and at ).

The Baby's First Christmas is a re-issue of the wildly popular 2009 B is for Babies ornament. Porcelain booties are hanging from a ribbon with a little dated heart tag. The "2010" version includes two little heart charms - one is dated 2010 and the other is dated "2011". This ornament is available in store and at now. It would make a lovely baby shower or christening gift. (See Item)

The Our Christmas Together ornament is a re-issue of the 2009 Our Christmas Together. Again the ornament comes with two charms, one dated "2010" and the other dated "2011". Both of these ornaments come in the regular Hallmark Keepsake Ornament box, but they have the little triangle sticker indicating that the 2010 and 2011 charms are included. (See Item)

The In Memorium ornament is not dated and has been available for a few years. This silver ornament is shaped like angel wings and a little heart hangs from the center. Both sides of the dangling heart read, "Always in our hearts". (See Item)

Another ornament that is available now (and right on time) is the 2010 Graduation ornament. This ornament is a photoholder ornament, so that you can insert a photo. There's a little diploma that you can add a note to, or as the literature suggests, replace with cash. "2010" dangles from the cap's tassle. (See Item)

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