Friday, April 9, 2010

Local Club Spotlight

Today is our final article recap of the March/April For Keeps. (Next week we will recap Collectively Speaking and we've got more fun planned!) For Keeps Recap Timely Treasures - Danville, VA
These 'collecting friends' keep a busy calendar.

Timely Treasures is highlighted in the March/April For Keeps Local Club Spotlight. (This club is close to my heart, as one of its members, is one of my favorite Hallmark friends. Hi Donna!) I only wish there was a club this active and involved in my area. The beginning of the For Keeps article starts off with the same thought - "Keeping a local club active and engaged takes a team of folks pitching in - planning, organizing and doing." Surprisingly, the article indicates the club doesn't even have a president! Just a core group of members that keep things running smoothly.

As in all local clubs, the members share a passion for collecting and decorating, but the club's main focus has been on charitable works. This year their cause has gone national and they've added a challenge to other Hallmark local clubs. As Donna Schweiger explains, "Our goal is to have 100 local clubs donate $100 each to the Susan G Komen Foundation in honor of Hallmark's 100th birthday." I LOVE it!

Throughout the year Timely Treasures has a schedule of activities that are not only fun, but truly beneficial and most importantly, I know that they are appreciated by the recipients. Donations to local food pantries and Valentines for nursing home residents were the activities for January and February for Timely Treasures.

From experience, I can tell you that you can always count on members of Timely Treasures to be in attendance at the Hallmark Keepsake national events. (I was delighted to run into Donna last year in Kansas City.) The For Keeps article hints at some interesting and fun local club meetings too - Sneak peeks, show and tells, and their own version of Antique Roadshow.

What a wonderful and inspiring Hallmark local club!

Would your local club like to accept the challenge and contribute?

Participating clubs may mail in a check or donate online:

Online at Susan G Komen For the Cure
If donating online you can choose In Honor of and enter "Hallmark's 100th Anniversary or Birthday"

or mail your donation to:
Susan G Komen for the Cure
ATTN: Donor Services
PO Box 650309

Dallas TX 75265-0309

Once your club has accepted the challenge or made their donation email Donna to let her know. Challenge and donation results will be shared with Hallmark Cards. Timely Treasures is hoping to complete the challenge by October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Here's a link to the map that tracks where donations have been received from - FUN! Thank you Herb!

and for members of local clubs out there - SPREAD THE WORD!

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