Friday, May 7, 2010

A Hallmark Ornament More Than Eleven Years in the Making

Enjoy a peak at this Hallmark Prototype ornament. At a glance I knew it looked familiar, but it wasn't until I saw it next to the ornament that was actually produced did I realize just how interesting it is.

The prototype has 1980 decals on both sides, yet the ornament "Christmas Welcome" wasn't produced until 1991! Popular Hallmark Keepsake Artist, Linda Sickman is the sculpting artist for this beautiful piece.

There are many changes from the painted prototype to the actual produced ornament.

  • The ball ornaments at the base of the basket on both sides were removed.
  • The gold trim on the red ribbon was also eliminated.
  • The 1991 ornament has gold stenciled "Christmas Welcome" on the front and 1991 on the reverse side.
  • Notice that even the fruit and holly in the basket underwent many changes.

Many creations sculpted by Keepsake Artists never make it to production. But for one to be "in the works" for more than eleven years seems very unusual. Hummmmm...wonder what took so long?

Nicki Pierce

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