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Hallmark Miniature Gallery Ornaments

Reprinted from "Deck the Halls" Winter 1992 - Volume 4 Number 4

Hallmark Miniature Gallery (1974)

Have you ever heard of Hallmark Miniature Gallery products? Most Hallmark collectors haven't. Before the new Hallmark Galleries Collection, there was the Little Gallery giftware line that began in the late 1970's and was discontinued in the early 1980's. But if you go back even earlier in the history of Hallmark than Little Gallery, you'll find Miniature Gallery. Not much is known about this line, and I'd guess that most of the information on it has been lost over the years

Miniature Gallery was the predecessor to Little Gallery, and was started in the early 1970's. Miniature Gallery items included cameo lapel pins, miniature "canvas" prints of paintings complete with easels, and these rare, early Hallmark Christmas ornaments.

Two of the six Miniature Gallery ornaments that were available are shown in this issue, here on the front and back covers. ( Our blog article shows a picture of all six ornaments produced.) They are hard, white-plastic discs, and measure 3 1/4" across and each has a 1/4" deep rim. They hang from olive-green yarn. Recessed in the back of each disc is a circle of olive-green felt that is captioned "Merry Christmas 1974." A rectangular gold-foil sticker identifies each ornament. At the top of the sticker is the Hallmark "crown." Below that it reads:
(View of the back of the ornament with gold foil sticker)
Hallmark Miniature Gallery Christmas Ornament
Designed by (Artist's Name*) Hallmark Cards, Inc. (Stock #*)

* Varies from ornament to ornament

The six ornaments produced are as follows:

Madonna and Child in Wreath
200AWN4201 - "From the Workshop of Andrea della Robia"

"JOY" Inside Wreath
200AWN4202 - "Designed by Susan Tinker"

"Hang In There" Koala

200AWN4203 - "Designed by Ruth J Morehead"

"God Bless Us Everyone" Tiny Tim
200AWN4204 - Designed by Mary Hamilton

Not A Creature Was Stirring" Mouse
200AWN4205 - Designed by Polly Brewer

Angel with Poinsettia
200AWN4206 - Designed by Janet R Manco
Secondary Market Value on these rare ornaments is $100 each. (Value is from 1992 - Secondary Market Value has increased) It's fair to say these have to be some of the rarest ornaments produced by Hallmark. I would love to know if any of you have these in your collections. If you do, please drop a line to Deck the Halls, and let me know what you have and where you acquired it, the "history" of the ornament, as it were. Do any readers have information on Miniature Gallery they would like to share? I'd love to learn more and I bet Deck the Halls readers would be interested too!

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