Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Artists On Tour

What's the latest 'scoop' on the 2010 Artists on Tour events and the 2010 Santa's Armoire signing piece? With four of the event weekends completed one thing is for certain at this point, the Santa's Armoire is going to be a difficult piece to find on the secondary market.

The first events helds August 7, 14 and 21st each reported similar stories. Lines formed hours before the store opening and the Armoire sold out within the first hour of the event. We have heard that hosting stores have had the option to purchase 290 of the Armoires for the events, some stores did not buy their full allocations. It has been reported that the Bloomington, IL signing offered 390 Armoires, but there were still collectors who were turned away empty handed.

We do have a VERY LIMITED supply of the armoire available. If you are unable to attend one of the signing events.
(Click here for info at http://www.hookedonhallmark.com/ on the 2010 Santa's Armoire)

(Photos are from the Tulsa signing event.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Linda Sickman Prototypes

Hooked on Ornaments is excited to welcome retired Hallmark Keepsake Master Artist, Linda Sickman as our signing artist for the October 2, 2010 Fall Warehouse Sale and Signing Event.

In honor of the event Hooked on Ornaments is offering two Linda Sickman Hallmark Keepsake prototypes at silent auction. These rare, one of a kind prototypes will be signed by Linda Sickman and will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Many of the prototypes that we see are difficult to identify as prototypes because the prototype and manufactured ornament are very similar. These two particular prototypes are easily identified as prototypes due to the many differences between the prototype and resulting manufactured ornament. The photos above and the photos below show the manufactured ornaments on the left and the prototypes on the right.

If you are interested in placing a bid in our silent auction email auction@hookedonhallmark.com with the item you wish to bid on (Toys or Christmas Welcome) and your minimum bid. You will be assigned a bidder number. High bids will be tracked on our website at www.hookedonhallmark.com
You can learn more here

Good luck, happy bidding and we look forward to seeing you at our October 2, Fall Warehouse Sale and Signing Event.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Layaway at Hooked on Ornaments

LAYAWAY? A nearly forgotten service a few years ago, but now a very practical buying option!

Our Hooked on Ornaments Layaway Plan is proving to be a popular Collectors payment option.

*A great way to get that "gotta have" expensive ornament at a preseason price.
*A smart way to get a jump start on your Holiday Shopping.
*A fun way to take advantage of today's great sales on our site.

It's quick and easy:
Hooked on Ornaments LAYAWAY PLAN-
● Simply add all of the items that you are interested in to your shopping cart (min. $200.). Call our friendly customer service reps at (812) 366-4353. We will be happy to complete the layaway transaction for you.

● We will ask for your shipping and billing information. You will need to provide a credit card number and authorization for three separate billings.
You will be billed automatically:

1/3 at the time of layaway submission
1/3 at 30 days
1/3 at 60 days - when your order will ship.

Visit http://hookedonornaments today and let the shopping begin!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hallmark Halloween 2010

Visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown store soon to find some spooky fun Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. If you love the Halloween ornaments we suggest you buy early - the Halloween ornaments aren't produced in the same quantities as the Christmas Keepsakes and may sell out well before Halloween.

This year's Keepsake line features the Peanuts Gang in their Halloween finery ready for trick or treating. You might notice that the boxes for the Halloween ornaments are smaller than in previous years. As indicated in an earlier blog post you'll find that the box sizes this year are smaller, but the ornament size hasn't changed.

(Shown 2010 I Got a Rock, 2010 Charlie Brown and 2009 Charlie Brown)

You don't want to miss the first Hallmark Halloween Magic ornament - "Monster Mash." Just press the button to hear music from "Monster Mash" performed by Bobby "Borris" Pickett.

You'll also find the "Sassy" Halloween "B line" ornaments are back again in 2010. These ornaments feature some female Halloween characters with "sassy" sayings like "If the boooot fits, buy it." and "Embrace your inner witch."
Shop 2010 Hallmark Halloween or 2009 Hallmark Halloween