Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Artists On Tour

What's the latest 'scoop' on the 2010 Artists on Tour events and the 2010 Santa's Armoire signing piece? With four of the event weekends completed one thing is for certain at this point, the Santa's Armoire is going to be a difficult piece to find on the secondary market.

The first events helds August 7, 14 and 21st each reported similar stories. Lines formed hours before the store opening and the Armoire sold out within the first hour of the event. We have heard that hosting stores have had the option to purchase 290 of the Armoires for the events, some stores did not buy their full allocations. It has been reported that the Bloomington, IL signing offered 390 Armoires, but there were still collectors who were turned away empty handed.

We do have a VERY LIMITED supply of the armoire available. If you are unable to attend one of the signing events.
(Click here for info at http://www.hookedonhallmark.com/ on the 2010 Santa's Armoire)

(Photos are from the Tulsa signing event.)

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