Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hallmark Halloween 2010

Visit your local Hallmark Gold Crown store soon to find some spooky fun Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. If you love the Halloween ornaments we suggest you buy early - the Halloween ornaments aren't produced in the same quantities as the Christmas Keepsakes and may sell out well before Halloween.

This year's Keepsake line features the Peanuts Gang in their Halloween finery ready for trick or treating. You might notice that the boxes for the Halloween ornaments are smaller than in previous years. As indicated in an earlier blog post you'll find that the box sizes this year are smaller, but the ornament size hasn't changed.

(Shown 2010 I Got a Rock, 2010 Charlie Brown and 2009 Charlie Brown)

You don't want to miss the first Hallmark Halloween Magic ornament - "Monster Mash." Just press the button to hear music from "Monster Mash" performed by Bobby "Borris" Pickett.

You'll also find the "Sassy" Halloween "B line" ornaments are back again in 2010. These ornaments feature some female Halloween characters with "sassy" sayings like "If the boooot fits, buy it." and "Embrace your inner witch."
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