Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Interesting Tidbits

Joanne Eschrich, Keepsake Ornament artist was asked,
"When you have an assignment, where do you start with it?"

Her answer, "Most of the licensed ornaments are usually requests that start from a drawing. Those are fun, ‘cause you’re looking through all sorts of references, taking a little bit of everything and cre...ating something a little different with Wonder Woman or Donald Duck. Most of my series came from my ideas or a request for more snowmen or Santas in the product line. From there, I’ll start from brainstorming from scratch and come up with sketches after sketches and sometimes it’s a matter of showing 10 or 20 different ideas that I share with the team to bring it in and find a focus."
(Ornament shown above - 2010 Father Christmas #7 in the series designed and sculpted by Joanne Eschrich.)

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