Friday, February 25, 2011

Hallmark Lunchbox Ornaments

I was trying to decide on a fun topic for todays blog...
Something fun, ornaments that could be appropriately displayed in February...
and thought of the Hallmark Lunchbox collection!

This unofficial collection of ornaments is one of my favorites and appeals to me on a number of levels. The lunchboxes are pressed tin and they really do open and close! Most of the lunchbox ornaments were issued with a coordinating thermos. Today's lunchboxes are vinyl, foam and velcro. The ornaments' old fashioned lunchbox design appeals to my nostalgic side, but the appeal doesn't stop with the physical design.
Take a look at the artwork decorating the lunchboxes and enjoy a stroll down memory lane: The Lone Ranger, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Super Friends; these were some of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons! Back when Saturday was the ONLY day that there were cartoons on television. Howdy Doody, Hopalong Cassidy; and for the younger generation - The Empire Strikes Back, Hot Wheels and the Beatles! Just to name a few. (Click here to view a complete list of the Hallmark Keepsake Lunchbox Ornaments including pictures.)

As a collector the fact that the lunchboxes are cross collectibles appeals as well. A Peanuts Hallmark lunchbox ornament will appeal to Hallmark Collectors, Lunchbox collectors and Peanuts collectors. I've talked to some collectors who display all three designs - the Hallmark ornament, the Hallmark School Days lunchbox and the original vintage lunchbox. That's a display I would love to see!

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