Tuesday, March 15, 2011

KOC 25th Class Reunion

Each day brings us closer to the April 1st registration for the August Keepsake Ornament Club National Event - KOC 25th Class Reunion. The http://www.kocevents.com/ page was updated recently with event product pictures...

This adorable guy is the 2001 Frosty Fun Repaint / Colorway ornament. He will ONLY be available for purchase during event registration. The event t-shirt is also listed as a registration exclusive, but there is no pic available for the t-shirt at the current time.

According to KOCEvent.com - "The Online Exclusive Ornament Offer is available only to those members who pre-purchase all the product during registration. Once you purchase the package you will then be given the option to also purchase the online exclusive ornament. This ornament will NOT be available for purchase at the event.

If you choose not to pre-purchase the package, all other product (except the online exclusive ornament) will be available for purchase individually at the event."

The following ornaments will be available for purchase as a package or individually at the event...

Beauty of Birds Complement
Scarlett Tangier - 2011 Repaint

Sweet Snowmouse

Visit from Santa Complement
2011 Repaint

Wreath of Memories

Seashell Angel

Noelville Complement
Candy Shop Repaint

Here Comes Crabby
2011 Repaint

Mrs. Claus' Cupboard

Season's Treatings Complement
2011 Repaint

PS. Don't forget we are still accepting pictures of your Spring / Easter decorating using Hallmark ornaments. Send your pics to rhonda@hookedonhallmark.com - we'll include them in our Spring Decorating Picasa album and we'll send you a Spring Surprise for participating!

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