Friday, March 25, 2011

Sneak Peak - 2011 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

I thought we might spend some time today looking at a few of the 2011 ornaments. It is our understanding that there will be four new series for 2011.

The first series is Pixar and the first ornament in the series will be "Up"

The second series is pictured above - "Santa's Story" has constant light and will be able to lead synchronized light shows when other ornaments are connected to the power cord. The ornament features voice and music to help tell the story of Santa's preparations for his annual journey. The ornament is sculpted by Robert Chad; but also features elements from past work of more than a dozen artists. This ornament is one of four Keepsakes that will be powered by the new Magic cord introduced with the "Wonder and Light" Collection.

Here are a couple of possibilities for the third and fourth series ...

Twelve Days of Christmas and Angels From Around the World.

And here's a little more info on the 2011 Hallmark Keepsake Series ornaments...

2011 Star Trek Legends #2 - Mr Spock

2011 Comic Book Heroes #4 - The Avengers

2011 Christmas Cupcake #2 - Chocolate cupcake in silver line, white frosting and flowers

2011 Mickey's Christmas Carol #3 - Goofy as Jacob Marley's ghost

2011 Santa's Sweet Ride #5 - Santa in a hot air balloon

2011 Snowtop Lodge #7 - snowman with wings

2011 Mistletoe Fairy #7 - fairy blowing a kiss

2011 Beauty of Birds #7 - Baltimore Oriole

2011 Mary's Angels #24 - Angel plays a violin

2011 Frosty Friends #32 - Eskimo friend is joined by a walrus

2011 Star Wars #15 - Yoda

We have heard that there will be three series ending in 2011.

You can always view all ornaments in a series on our website - Just go to - Choose ornaments by series and then your series of interest. We list all ornaments in the series (along with complements) regardless of whether items are in stock or not, so that you can use the website as reference, as well as for shopping.

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