Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dreambook

As you are probably aware the 2011 club edition of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Dreambooks began arriving in mailboxes last week. (If you can't wait until the Dreambooks are available in local stores in July you can purchase one from Hooked on Ornaments - here.)

If you are happy to browse online - you can take a look at the online version of the Dreambook at - here. (At the moment you will need to be a member of the Keepsake Ornament Club - KOC - in order to view the online Dreambook.)

The big story for 2011 in my opinion is the new Magic Ornament Power Cords. In my position as customer service rep for Hooked on Ornaments I hear from customers every year with light strand issues. As electrical standards and regulations have changed through the years so have the light strands; it has become increasingly difficult to find compatible light strands for the older magic ornaments. In response Hallmark introduced light strand adapters and it seems discontinued the "light strand" magic ornaments.

Although the "light strand" ornaments were discontinued, the "Magic" ornaments continued with battery powered ornaments. Unfortunately, battery power is simply not able to provide the power for continuous motion and light that appeals to many collectors.

Last year, Hallmark introduced the Wonder and Light Collection of ornaments. This new collection featured continuous light and a synchronized light show that incorporates all the magic ornaments connected to the power cord. The power cords return this year with a number of new ornaments that are powered by the new Magic Cord.

Checking It Twice is first in the Once Upon a Christmas series. Decking the Door is a complement piece to the new series. This series will depict the story of Santa's annual preparations for his night of spreading Christmas joy around the world. As a Magic Cord ornament, Checking It Twice will spread its show of light and sound to every other ornament connected to the cord.

Marie Corbin, merchandise manager, describes the ornament, "Santa's narration starts and the book illuminates with a glow that can be seen on his face. The ornament then leads a whimsical coordinated sound and light show."

The new Magic Cords will support up to 7 ornaments total (or 6 ornaments and a tree topper). "At the touch of a button, each one will lead the rest of your Magic Cord ornaments in a synchronized sound and light show."

Two other ornaments powered by the new Magic Cords are Disney's Mickey and Friends - "Jazzy All The Way" and Peanuts "Ho! Ho! Ho! Tasty Snow!

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