Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

2011 Hallmark Child's Age Collection

I've been busy this week adding the new 2011 ornaments to the Hooked on Hallmark Ornaments database. In the next week or so we will begin acccepting preorders for the 2011 Hallmark ornametns, so I've been spending every waking moment adding the items with description and pictures.

This week when I was paging through my 2011 Hallmark Ornament Dreambook I noticed something that I knew I would want to point out here on the blog.

If you have been buying the Child's Age Collection with the teddy bears and cookies - this is the FINAL year. This year's ornaments will be undated and you will need to purchase all of the ornaments in the collection to complete your collection. If you bought the 2010 Baby's First Christmas last year ... this year you will need to buy Baby's Second, Child's Third, Child's Fourth and Child's Fifth this year.

This is the second time that Hallmark has ended a Child's Age Collection with out continuing the dated pieces to the final year. Previously Hallmark ended the Child's Age puppies and kittens. MANY collectors didn't find out they were meant to buy all the pieces in the collection during the final year until they were unable to find the ornaments in the stores in 2007.

If this collection is like the previous collection the Child's Fifth Christmas will be the hardest to find. Whether you started in 2007 or in 2010, EVERYONE will need the Child's Fifth.

I have to say I LOVE the new Child's Age Photoholders and look forward to this new collection. I would have loved to have had a set like this for my kids.

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