Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Willow Tree Angel Ornaments

Hooked on Ornaments is pleased to announce that we are now carrying Willow Tree ornaments. We are excited to expand our product line to include these beautiful angel ornaments.

Artist Susan Lordi hand carves each original Willow Tree® sculpture. Using family and friends as models, Susan tries to capture a moment in time, or express a feeling. Pieces are cast from her original carving, and then individually painted by hand. Softly washed colors, carved and metal accents, and representative icons of nature mark Susan's work.

"I try to keep the interpretation of Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal, and allows the viewer to decide its meaning."

Willow Tree was introduced in January 2000. The line has grown to encompass those sentiments that we most want to express. To our friends, to our family, to our teachers; to those near and dear, to those far away.

The original inspiration for Willow Tree still holds true today: Willow Tree is an intimate, personal line of figurative sculptures representing qualities and sentiments that help us feel close to others, heal wounds, or treasure relationships. Susan Lordi carves each original piece with this thought in mind. Her figures continue to evolve as she identifies emotions so important for us to convey, and renders them in simple, pure gestures. These art forms beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope... all the emotions of a life well lived.

We know that you will find the Willow Tree ornaments as beautiful and meaningful as we do.

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