Friday, July 1, 2011

SDCC Exclusive Ornaments

July 20 - 24th, 2011 is the San Diego Comic-Con or SDCC. 2011 is the third year that Hallmark has participated in the SDCC. The following limited quantity special edition ornaments will be available in limited quantities each day of the convention.

Descending Upon Gotham - QMP4038
Batman LIMITED QUANTITY: 750 pieces
(This ornament is a repaint of the 2009 ornament. This ornament features a grey and black batsuit.)

Comic Book Guy - QPM4040

The Simpsons Limited Quantity: 1000 pieces

Depicted wearing his own Comic-Con apparel. Celebrates the 20th year of this popular cartoon characters first appearance

in the second-season episode "Three Men and a Comic Book."

Dengar and IG-88 - QMP4030
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Limited Quantity: 1000 sets
Set of 2 ornaments, including IG-88, the assasin droid and Dengar, a Corellian mercenary.

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