Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2012 Sneak Peak

We're back from the 2011 National Event and things are slowly getting back to normal. Once school starts back next week I hope to get back into the routine of consistently posting to the blog twice a week. For now, I thought every one might like a little "Sneak Peak" information unveiled at the recent San Diego Comic Con and at the KOC National Event.

At the recent 2011 San Diego Comic Con Hallmark shared three of the Star Trek ornaments from the upcoming 2012 Keepsake line.

Dr. Leonard McCoy - 3rd in the Star Trek Legends series.

Magic ornament depicting a scene featuring the Spocks from two realities, the ornament will feature dialogue from the 2009 feature film.

USS Enterprise NCC1701-D
Commemorates the 25th Anniversary of
Star Trek - The Next Generation

The following Comic Con sneak peaks were found on the Flickr photo stream of fbtb -

Lego Stormtrooper

At the recent National Event - 25th Class Reunion - in Kansas City more Sneak Peaks were unveiled, pictures were not allowed so we only have descriptions to share...

Angels Around the World will be Germany.

Two Turtle Doves - This ornament features two turtle doves entwined with a heart dangling beneath. This will be the only ornament in the series featuring more than one figure. (IE: three french hens will be portrayed by one figure, not three)

New Series: Cookie cutter - We hear that there will be a new series next year that is very similar to the Sweet Snowmouse cookie cutter ornament from this year's event. First in series will feature a mouse on a sleigh.

Signing Pieces: Are you ready for the 2012 Artist Signing Events? The signing piece will be Mrs. Claus' Stove, there is also a companion piece - Mrs. Claus' Baking Table. It's my understanding that these pieces coordinate very nicely with the Cupboard and Armoire.

Mary's Angels Tabletop Piece: A group of fluffy clouds provides the base to feature angel designs from the past - a spot in the center is open for the 2012 Angel - who wears blue and holds a songbook. The piece is lighted and plays three different songs. When the 2012 Angel is in place the child's voice will sing "Angels We Have Heard On High."

Noelville: Gingerbread School

Disney Christmas Carol: Jiminy Cricket as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas Cupcake: There will be 2 - one has a strawberry on top and the other is the Santa face from the Season's Treatings 2010. The Santa Face will be a Limited Edition ornament.

Magic Cord Santa: Santa is making toys at his workbench. Many of the toys are ornaments from the past Waddles the Duck, Nello's robot, Pony for Christmas. The base features etchings of past year ornaments as well.

Fisher Price Toys - The "Popper" and the Fisher-Price Television

Beauty of Birds: Painted Bunting

Frosty Friends: Golfing

Mini Harley Davidson series will be ending.

Disney/Pixar will be Sully and Boo

Sneak Peak from Barbie Convention:
Barbie Shoe Chandelier
Stunning in the Spotlight Barbie
Ballerina Barbie
Student Teacher Barbie
Matinee Fashion Barbie - 19th in the Nostalgic Barbies
Tweed Indeed Barbie
Provencale Barbie

More From Comic-Con
Interceptor - Star Wars
Darth Maul - Star Wars
General Grievous - Star Wars
Han Solo

Happy Collecting!

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