Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hallmark Little Gallery Pewter Plates

Hallmark's LITTLE GALLERY... Premier Quality, Exquisite Detail...Simply Beautiful.
Hallmark's Little Gallery items are in the "vintage" category these days, thus many of today's Hallmark collectors are unaware of these beautiful, ultimate quality pieces.

The Little Gallery line was introduced in the early 1970s and was discontinued in early 1990s. Considered the ultimate collectibles and gifts, hundreds of items were offered, including pewter figurines, glass items, pewter plates, dolls and more.
Today, lets take a look at the Little Gallery Pewter Plates...

The 1977, first in the series of thirteen Christmas Pewter plates was designed by Robert Haas.  All twelve of the subsequent plates were designed by legendary Hallmark Artist, Mary Hamilton, and engraved by a variety of artists including Don Palmiter and Dill Rhodus.

Limited editions of just 17,500 or less were produced.

The six-inch Christmas plates were produced in New England and were cast of the finest pewter, with 92% tin for the highest possible luster. All are hand finished to achieve delicate shading and intricate detail.

In 1977, the first year, the pewter plates were listed at a retail price of $39, with increases in the retail price each year until reaching a plateau of $60 in 1980.

In addition to the Mary Hamilton Christmas series, the Little Galleries line also offered a series of six Special Days plates.

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