Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Hallmark Ornament Sneak Peak - Disney

In August 2011 the D23 Expo was held in Anaheim, California. Hallmark attended and revealed a number of the 2012 Hallmark Disney Keepsake ornaments. Hallmark Keepsakes also offered a D23 exclusive, a special repaint of the 2011 Look Who's Pook-a-Looz during the event. Here are some of the 2012 Disney Keepsake ornaments that were revealed during the event...

Disney Pixar #2 - Sully and Boo

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Eeyore - "I'm only blue on the outside."

Snow White's Dwarves

Mickey's Christmas Carol #4
Jiminy Cricket the Ghost of Christmas Past



Muppets - Fozzie Bear

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