Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Sneak Preview - Tom Best Ornaments

Here's a little sneak peak featuring four of the 2012 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments sculpted by Hallmark Keepsake Artist Tom Best... Here's what Tom has to say about the ornaments...
2012 Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
“I’ve spoken before about my love for music, and this is a great way to celebrate it. I got great response to my guitar ornament last year. My guitar-playing brother Dan gave me kudos on it, and that meant the world to me. And (Keepsake Artist) Nello Williams said he liked it, too. As a maker of guitars himself, Nello is the authority and I consult him on my designs for the guitars. I wanted to put a whammy bar on it, and Nello made sure I knew that it’s a whole different design for the bridge. I pitched the song and the design for this together. As much as this is a cartoon-y shape, I don’t want it to look like a cartoon guitar. I wanted to keep realism about it. All the pickups are correct, and you could pick this up and play it. Last year, we did the countrified version of ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.’ This year, get ready for the shred guitar version.”
2012 Grandson & 2012 Granddaughter
“This ornament is paired with a Granddaughter ornament I did, but the Grandson came first. This started as a sketch I was playing around with of a bubble-headed snowman in a hat, and this is a nod to a style of hat that snowboarders and other young people have brought back into style. And even I have to admit that the proportions of the big head and big hat to the small body make these look cute. But the big reason this design went forward was because the front flap of that hat gives us plenty of room for writing. We always want good vehicles for our editorial messages. We decided next that we needed a counterpart, so I did a girl version of the hats girls are wearing lately, with long string ties and a tassel at the top.”

2012 Frosty Friends #33
“If you look at the history of the series, especially early on, there seemed to be a theme of outdoorsy activity. So when I’m doodling ideas, I always wonder what Frosty might be doing out on the frozen tundra. And usually I look for a sight gag, and I came up with his hitting snowballs with a candy cane before it became a golf idea. The final ornament is really close to the original sketch. Penguins have appeared in the series before, but Frosty also has a new friend this year, which is the fish popping out from the hole in the ice. The first fish done for Frosty Friends was in 2010. When Frosty was fishing, there was a fish in his bucket and his seal friend is stealing it out of his bucket. So the only fish in the series so far has been a dead fish. Will we ever see this friendly fish again? Maybe, but I hope not on Frosty’s grill.”

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