Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marjolein Bastin Garden Banner Giveaway

So I'm playing around with Rafflecopter to see if we like the service for our Facebook Giveaways. One of the nice things about the service is you can also cross post to your blog page - so here we are!

We are giving away a Marjolein Bastin Bunny Garden Banner. (Pole not included.) The banner is 12 1/2" x 18" and is part of the Nature's Journey Collection from Marjolein Bastin. Contest ends March 12, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Collection

      Introduced in 1992 the Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics collection featured scaled-down replicas of popular pedal cars of the past. The pedal cars in the collection are die-cast metal and feature wheels that roll. Kiddie Cars were issued in Limited or Numbered Editions. Limited Editions are individually numbered and are limited to a pre-determined edition size.

With Numbered Editions, the number of pieces that were to be produced was not announced. Each edition size was limited to 9,999 pieces, but it was not unusual for several editions of the same design to be produced. Once the retirement date was announced the mold was destroyed.


In 1995 Sidewalk Cruisers were introduced. The Sidewalk Cruisers include velocipedes and wagons. In 1997 the Kiddie Car Corner Collection was introduced giving fans the ability to create nostalgic settings for their Kiddie Cars. Finally in 1999 Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Collection introduced Mini Kiddie Car Classics. The Mini Kiddie Cars are about half the size of the regular issue Kiddie Cars.
The Kiddie Cars from the first two years and the final two years are the hardest to find. We recently aquired a large collection of Kiddie Cars and have one of the largest selections we have had in quite some time.  Browse our current inventory of Kiddie Car Classics

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hangin' With Your Buddies

  I received a couple of calls last week asking about the 2013 Hallmark Keepsake National event, so I thought I would take some time this week to talk about the event and highlight some of the ornaments that will be available.

 August 2-3, 2013 the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club will be hosting this year's national event in Kansas City, Missouri. Hangin' With Your Buddies offers Keepsake ornament collectors an opportunity to enjoy two days filled with Hallmark ornaments, Hallmark artists and Keepsake Ornament collecting.

 Friday and Saturday attendees will be busy enjoying lots of fun games (and awesome prizes!), seminars and artist signings. Friday night is the Local Club Dinner event. Both Friday and Saturday evenings will be filled with room hopping and bargains galore. If you love Hallmark collecting, I highly recommend attending, I promise you won't be disappointed.

For all the details - Visit the Hallmark Events site at

There are a number of event exclusive items that will be available for purchase at the event....
We do normally have most of the event products available through the website shortly after the event.
You are welcome to add yourself to the waiting list for any of these items, if you would like to receive an email when we add the items into inventory. Just be aware that quantities will be very limited. (Here's a link to the Hooked on Ornaments 2013 Hangin' With Your Buddies Event page.)

1959 Gillham Special
(Repaint of the 2012 1959 Gillham Special)
Die-cast Metal - Wheels turn
Don Palmiter - 3 1/2" H - 1795QXC3051
Indigo Bunting - Beauty of Birds
(Repaint of the 2012 Beauty of Birds #8 Painted Bunting)
Edythe Kegrize - 4" W
Father Christmas Special Edition
(Repaint of the 2013 Father Christmas #10)
Joanne Eschrich - 5 1/4" H  -  1995QXC1042
Merry Kiss-Moose
Tracy Larsen - 3"H - 1295QXC5055
North Pole Tree Trimmer
(Repaint of the 2013 North Pole Tree Trimmer #1)
Tracy Larsen - 2 7/8" H - 1495QXC9202
Nostalgic Houses and Shops Victorian Dollhouse
Keepsake Artists - 5 1/4" H - 3495QXC5064
Tropical Holiday
(Complements the Cookie Cutter Christmas series)
Nina Aube - 2 1/2" H - 1295QXC5062
Warmed By Friendship
(Complements the Snow Buddies series)
Tammy Haddix - 6 3/4"H - 2995QXC5063
Winter Fairy
(Complements the Fairy Messengers series)
Kristina Gaughran - 3 1/2" H - 995QXC5061
Home Sweet Home Backdrop (Open)
Home Sweet Home Backdrop (Closed)
Santa's Home Sweet Home is a linen texture bound book board that opens to a self-standing background for the Keepsake Studios' annual event pieces, like Mrs. Claus' Cupboard, Stove and Table. (I can't wait to see what other pieces the artists' have planned to coordinate with this background. Very exciting!
That's all for today!
Hope to see you in August!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More 2013 Hallmark Ornaments Revealed

A few new 2013 Hallmark ornaments have been revealed... Here's a quick look.

2013 Beauty of Birds #9
Cedar Waxwing
2013 Frosty Fun Decade #4
2013 Once Upon A Christmas #3
Snug Fit For Santa
2013 Pony For Christmas #16
2013 Red Headed Woodpecker, Miniature
2013 The Arena, Star Trek
2013 Kitchenette
Until Next week,
Happy Collecting!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More 2013 Hallmark Ornaments Unveiled

Just a brief note that we have added a few more of the 2013 ornaments to the website. You can get a little sneak peak of the 2013 Hallmark Ornaments by CLICKING HERE.


One of the ornaments added today was the 2013 Mother's Day Porcelain Medallion ornament. Hallmark Keepsakes last produced a Mother's Day ornament in 1983. You can learn more about that ornament in a previous blog article - HERE. This year's ornament is a re-issue of the 2012 Mother and Child ornament, produced for 2013 in a different medium.

I would suggest if this ornament is of interest to you, start talking to your retailer now.  Based on what we see with the Spring released Graduation ornaments; I would predict this ornament will be available in very small quantities.

Speaking of Graduation ornaments, that 2013 ornament was also added to the website today for your preview. The Graduation ornaments are dated photo holders and are usually impossible to find by the time Christmas rolls around. Why? Because they are in the stores in the Spring; by the time Christmas gets here they've been sold out in stores for months.

Visit the website - for a sneak peak at a few of the 2013 ornaments. We'll continue to add a few each week until the Dreambook is unveiled. If you are interested in either of the two Spring release ornaments pictured above, we encourage you to speak to your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores soon. If you don't have a local Gold Crown store we welcome your business at

Happy Collecting!