Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Collection

      Introduced in 1992 the Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics collection featured scaled-down replicas of popular pedal cars of the past. The pedal cars in the collection are die-cast metal and feature wheels that roll. Kiddie Cars were issued in Limited or Numbered Editions. Limited Editions are individually numbered and are limited to a pre-determined edition size.

With Numbered Editions, the number of pieces that were to be produced was not announced. Each edition size was limited to 9,999 pieces, but it was not unusual for several editions of the same design to be produced. Once the retirement date was announced the mold was destroyed.


In 1995 Sidewalk Cruisers were introduced. The Sidewalk Cruisers include velocipedes and wagons. In 1997 the Kiddie Car Corner Collection was introduced giving fans the ability to create nostalgic settings for their Kiddie Cars. Finally in 1999 Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Collection introduced Mini Kiddie Car Classics. The Mini Kiddie Cars are about half the size of the regular issue Kiddie Cars.
The Kiddie Cars from the first two years and the final two years are the hardest to find. We recently aquired a large collection of Kiddie Cars and have one of the largest selections we have had in quite some time.  Browse our current inventory of Kiddie Car Classics

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