Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carlton Heirloom Barbie Ornaments

We had a chance to see a flyer this weekend for the 2013 Barbie ornaments from Carlton. Excuse the quality of the images, I'm afraid it's the best we can do; but I know that you'll be as interested to see the new Barbie ornaments as we were. Carlton is offering a number of Barbie ornaments including a 1st in Series Holiday Barbie, African American Holiday Barbie and a 1st in Series Vintage Fashion Barbie. Without further adieu....

Holiday Barbie: "This beautiful 1st in series ornament is inspired by the annual Holiday Barbie Doll being sold in stores everywhere. 2013 is the 25th anniversary of the doll and is commemorated with a special charm attached to the ornament. (Offering includes African American Holiday Barbie.)

Pink and Pretty: 1st in our new Vintage Fashion series.
Everything about her is chic, including her faux fur edged robe.

1959 Debut Barbie: Barbie collectors everywhere will recognize this accurately designed homage to the original Barbie doll introduced in 1959.

Sophisticated Lady: Barbie's elegance abounds with this opulent evening gown and coat. Every exquisite detail portrays sophistication.


Prima Ballerina: Poised on stage with a classic tutu and silver tiara, Prima Ballerina is ready for her encore performance.

Happy Collecting!


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