Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hangin' With Your Buddies - 2013 Event

This year's Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club Event is "Hangin' With Your Buddies"
The event is being held in Kansas City, MO Aug 2-3. Collectors will start checking in and picking up their event packets and gift bags tomorrow evening and activities will get started bright and early Friday morning. For Hooked on Ornaments event preparations started weeks ago and for our staff the event starts today!

Over the next few days we'll be posting here and on our Facebook page - pictures and comments - giving you an inside look at the event. We'll try our best to include things that will be of interest to collectors who have never attended a Hallmark event as well as collectors who have attended previous events but just weren't able to attend this year.

Nicki and the warehouse staff have been busy gathering and putting together all of the inventory, door prizes, goodies, supplies, etc that are needed at the event over the last month. We have three locations to shop this year, so that's three areas that have to be stocked and supplied. Not to mention all of that has to be moved from the warehouse to the event location!

Here are some of the things that have been gathered in Nicki's office. We take a wide variety of items; higher dollar, hard to find items and TONS of AMAZING bargain items too! We will have some Mayor's Tree ornaments and some Hall Family ornaments. The national events are an excellent place to browse, just to see some of the "out of the ordinary" Hallmark collectibles. You will never see more "on hand" Hallmark inventory anywhere else. Keep an eye open for prototypes and early "repaint" ornaments. This could be your one and only chance to see them in person. Take pictures, learn, have fun, win prizes, meet other collectors and Hallmark artists, enjoy! If you love collecting Hallmark, you will love the National event.
A stack of boxes waiting to get loaded for the move to the event location. Aaron and Mark have lots on their workload today. Everything has to be loaded at the warehouse, unloaded at the hotel and moved to our hotel rooms. We will have two hotel rooms open for room hopping. The "double room" is two adjoining rooms and will offer a large variety of items including hard to find items, LOTS of BARGAINS, series ornaments, club ornaments, hundreds and hundreds of ornaments to choose from at LOW prices, Marjolein Bastin Demdaco products, some of our new product lines. We will also offer a $4 Bargain room this year. Everything in this room will be $4 - you don't want to miss this room!
If you've never been to an event, what surprised me most at my first event was the sheer quantity of items that could be moved into a hotel room. It's simply mind blowing. No space is left uncovered. Ornaments and collectibles cover every available surface. The empty hotel room has become a packed to the brim shop. The other thing that I found interesting about room hopping at my first event was the number of rooms that were participating. How do you know which rooms are participating - just look down the hall. You might see a towel laid out as a welcome mat or a Hallmark bag standing outside the door. It's so much fun and you never know what kind of bargains or treasures you might find!
And last but certainly not least, we will have tables in the Secondary Market area. The Secondary Market area is in the Crown Center Exhibit Hall this year. This is the same area as Registration Pick Up and Product Shop. We'll have a wide variety of ornaments and bargains on our tables. Be sure to stop by each of our three locations if you are attending the event.

Trailer load number ???  Loading the trailer at the warehouse? Probably not so bad. Thinking about unloading it at the hotel, moving all of it to the room and repeating multiple times.... Don't tell everyone at the warehouse, but whew, I am glad I'm still in Indiana for this part of the set up. I am VERY thankful to Aaron for snapping pics for me through the day today, so that I can share with everyone.
I'm going to leave you with a few more pictures that Aaron just sent -

Here's Nicki moving tubs or ornaments from the hallway into one of the rooms! That's a lot of ornaments! And one more - ornaments, ornaments and more ornaments! Getting one of the rooms set up...


The view from one of our rooms.

I'm going to close here, with a couple of website announcements and reminders.

  • 2013 Carlton Ornaments - including the 2013 Barbie ornaments. We are now taking pre-orders on the website for the 2013 Carlton ornaments. Pre-orders will be billed when you place the order, but will not ship until August 30th when the Carlton ornaments are received. We do ask that you do not include in-stock inventory on your pre-order. If you do include in-stock items, please be aware - these items will not ship until August 30th.
  • The Hooked on Ornaments warehouse and Customer Service desk will be closed during the KOC National Event - We will ship orders on Thursday and Friday and will answer emails periodically throughout the day; but there will be no one on the phones until Monday.
  • SALES - While we're gone.... We're offering 10% Off everything on the site, excluding 2013 Hallmark and Carlton ornaments and Free US Standard shipping for orders over $20. I'm updating the front page of the site now and getting ready to send out the "Sale List" email.
and then I really need to start thinking about packing! See you in Kansas City!


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