Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reveal Ornaments Revealed

If you follow Hooked on Ornaments on Facebook, last week the Reveal Ornaments were unveiled and we shared pictures. Here are the four reveal ornaments that will be available at the October Debut.

Gnome For Christmas
Julie Forsyth - 3 1/4" H

John Deere 624J Loader
4 5/8" W

Disco Ball Mike
Disney/Pixar Monster University
Orville Wilson  -  2 7/8" H

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Orville Wilson  -  3 7/8" H

Thursday, September 12, 2013

October Hallmark Ornament Debut

The October Hallmark Ornament Debut is less than a month away so I thought we'd take a moment to look at the special edition ornaments that will be available during the event. As you know the event is October 5-6 at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores this year and you won't want to miss the festivities. In addition to over 100 new ornaments, there are some special ornaments too! Let's take a look at what's in store...

2013 Wiggly Giggly Snowman
KOC Membership Exclusive
$17.95  *  3 7/8" H  *  Sue Tague
This little guy is actually a bell; his feet are the clapper. His cap reads "Snow Time Like Christmas" and "wiggles" and "giggles" are engraved on his white tummy. He appears quite happy and fun in his polka dot scarf and green cap with pom pom.

There are 6 Limited Quantity ornaments that will be available at the Debut. Remember to arrive early if you're hoping to snag one of these. The Limited Quantity ornaments usually sell out on Saturday morning.

$9.95   *   3 1/8" W  *  Sharon Visker
The details make this limited quantity ornament even more special. A decorated yule log cake is artfully displayed on a silver tray. Red capped mushrooms and a sweet little snowman complete our cake decorator's Christmas masterpiece. As the final touch powdered sugar has been sprinkled over all. Our decorator isn't quite finished with clean up though as the sugar shaker and the bowl of icing are still sitting on the tray. Can you tell that this one is a favorite!

Complements the Lionel Train series
$19.95   *   3 3/4" W
The only repaint available for purchase during the event is the PINK Lionel 2037 Steam Locomotive. The mold is from the 2013 regular line ornament, 2013 Lionel #18 2037 Steam Locomotive. Like the regular Keepsake line ornament, the repaint is hand-crafted and die-cast metal and features wheels that turn.

$17.95   *   3 3/8" W   *   Tammy Haddix
For collectors of the Visit From Santa series, this special anniversary edition ornament will be a must have. Artist Tammy Haddix has created a beautiful piece that features all the animals that have been depicted in the first five pieces in the series. I adore the result and think you will too. (I hope to see a similar piece in 2018 featuring the next five animals.)

Dopey from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
$12.95   *   2 5/8" H
You have to love Dopey. How can you not? He holds a sign that reads "Free Kisses" and based on the lip stick marks on his face it looks like Snow White helped him out. The bigger clue? That love struck look upon his face. Priceless.

Batman - The Dark Knight Trilogy
$14.95   *   4 1/2" W
Batman on his Bat-Pod is the fifth limited quantity ornament available during the Ornament Debut. Based on the vehicle from The Dark Knight Trilogy, this ornament will be big with Batman fans as well as Keepsake ornament collectors.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
$14.95   *   2 1/8" H
Gollum, from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, sits in his familiar pose. Perhaps you have his Precious? 

*         *         *         *         * 
In addition to the six limited quantity special edition ornaments there will be two register to win ornaments. So when you visit your local stores Ornament Debut weekend, hunt down that register to win box and add your name for the drawing. Each participating store should be giving away two of each ornament.

North Pole Stroll
RTW   *   2 3/8" H   *   Robert Chad

I Can Do It, Crayola Repaint
RTW   *   Orville Wilson

Guess what? There's more! That's right!
We have the new October releases, the club exclusive Wiggly Giggly Penguin, six Limited Quantity Keepake ornaments, 2 Register To Win ornaments, and there are still .... four reveal ornaments, three mystery Frosty ornaments and a number of very special offers. Let's take a quick look...

Continuing the mystery ornaments this year - Frosty, our eskimo friend, is traveling the world. You'll receive one of three designs in your Mystery Frosty box. England Frosty is dressed as a Queen's Guard and looks quite dashing I must say. Wild West Frosty is dressed as an ol' West Sheriff complete with silver badge. The third and final design won't be revealed until Ornament Debut. Where in the world do you think Frosty went? 
Ornament Mold: Orville Wilson        Frosty Designs: Tom Best 

Reveal Ornaments
The four reveal ornaments will be unveiled September 16th and will be available for purchase at the October Debut event. Have you guessed what the ornaments are?

Reveal Ornament #1
Sculpted by Julie Forsyth
$14.95   *   QXG1455
Clue #1: This ornament's star is an ornament himself, but not one you'd find on a tree or a shelf.
And like any star, he's certainly bright thanks to the token he's bring to light. 
Clue #2: He may come from a garden, but don't expect him to grow. His spirits are high, but his stature's quite low. By now you may know who we're talking about, because after all, you helped pick him out.

Reveal Ornament #2
Sculpted by Orville Wilson
$14.95   *   QXI2372
Clue #1:
Although it has antlers they're really quite small. It may not pull a sleigh, But it helps with the haul.
Nothing else runs like it, though it doesn't have feet. Nor does it have legs, but it does have a seat.
Clue #2: To some it may look like a bucket load of fun, but its a serious worker who gets the job done. It takes a smooth operator to use the real deal but as an ornament, it has universal appeal.

Reveal Ornament #3
$14.95   *   QXD6825
Clue #1: We've met him before but now we see his beginning. He's a student who's school life, has sent his head spinning. School can be daunting, but for him it's plain scary and thanks to his friends, and thanks to his friends things can sometimes get hairy.
Clue #2: This little guy's no stranger to hanging around. So a home on your tree should easily be found. His personality is monstrous, his voice crystal clear, and he's always got an eye out for holiday cheer.

Reveal Ornament #4
Sculpted by Orville Wilson
$14.95   *   QXI2385
Clue #1: It comes from a movie inspired by the pages of an adventurous tale that will last through the ages. It's an iconic, circular object of gold; that you'll treasure for as long as its story is told.

Your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores will have a number of special offers during the Ornament Debut.
BONUS POINTS: Gold Crown members will earn big bonus points for purchasing Keepsake ornaments during Debut weekend. 


Keepsake Ornament Christmas Tree
Specially priced Ornament Debut Weekend only

$29.95 with an ornament purchase of $50 or more
(Regular price $49.95)

Ornament Debut Weekend only
Free Magic Cord with purchase of any Magic Cord Ornament
(Regular price $5.95)

If you purchased Keepsake ornaments during Ornament Premiere and purchase ornaments during Ornament Debut you'll receive a certificate that you'll be able to redeem for a free gift.

Lots of goodies to look forward to! Remember, we encourage you to shop at your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores first. If you don't have a local store or aren't able to locate an item locally, we're happy to help at www.hookedonornaments.com

Happy Hallmark Collecting!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2013 In Store Signing Events

The September 2013 Artist In Store Signing Events are right around the corner. These very special events are in celebration of 40 years of Keepsakes. Collectors attending the event will be able to purchase a Repaint version of the 2013 Victorian Dollhouse ornament. The original 2013 Victorian Dollhouse was available as a Hangin' With Your Buddies national Keepsake Ornament club event exclusive.

The ornaments for the national event and the ornaments for the signing events were manufactured at the same time and are the same other than the different paint schemes. ALL of the signing event ornaments have been hand inspected by Hallmark due to some issues with the Hangin' With Your Buddies ornament.

Event Locations:
  • September 14 |  10am - Noon & 1pm - 3pm
    • Joanne Eschrich will be at Amber's Hallmark in Livonia, Michigan
    • Don Palmiter will be at Debbie's Hallmark in Santa Clarita, California
  •  September 21 |  10am - Noon & 1pm - 3pm
    • Tammy Haddix will be at Ruth's Hallmark in Bear, Deleware
    • Ken Crow will be at Town Crier in Centerville, Tennessee

If you would like to receive an email when we add inventory for the Victorian Dollhouse - just add yourself to the Notification List for the item on our website.