Monday, February 24, 2014

Hallmark Keepsake Celebrations

There's a new line of everyday ornaments from Hallmark Keepsakes in stores now. Keepsake Celebrations include a variety of ornaments that are perfect for gift giving and are available year round. The collection includes 13 ornaments. Each ornament features a "special message" and is dated. Most ornaments in this collection are clearly dated. All ornament boxes for this collection are clearly dated 2014 on the top of the box.
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Time To Fly
Glass - 3 7/8" H - 1495QHG1223
Artist: Ruth Donikowski
On ornament: "The best is yet to be."
A real feather is inside this glass ornament symbolizing a goal or dream. Dated "2014" on ornament charm. Recommended for any life change event such as graduation, retirement, new career, etc.
A Mother's Love
Porcelain - 3 5/8" H - 1495QHG1206
Artist: Ruth Donikowski
Porcelain butterfly wings surround a heart that reads "Mother is another word for Love." Dated 2014 on the back. A lovely gift for mom on Mother's Day, her birthday, or any day.
Anniversary Celebration
Metal - 3 7/8" H - 1795QGO1166
Artist: Edythe Kegrize
Metal bell ornament features a wreath with two red cardinals. Ornament is dated 2014. Includes tokens to personalize the ornament. There are five heart shaped charms that act as the clapper for the bell - blank, 10th, 25th, 40th and 50th.
Our Wedding
Photo Holder - 4" H - 1495QGO1153
Artist: Debra Nielsen
This elegant photo holder can be personalized with your photo and the included stickers.
Personalization sticker reads: Happy Couple__________ Our Wedding Date________
Baby's First Christmas
Porcelain - 3 1/2" H - 1995QGO1016
Artist: Ruth Donikowski
Porcelain ornament is dated 2014 and reads "Baby's First Christmas."
A lovely gift for a new baby, baby shower or baby's first Christmas. 
Baby's First Birthday
Photo holder - 4 1/2" H - 1295QGO1053
Artist: Nina Aube
Insert your photo to personalize this ornament commemorating Baby's First Birthday. Ornament is dated with a small 2014 on the back. A sweet gift for Baby's First Birthday.
Little Hands
Porcelain - 5 1/2" H - 1795QGO1203
Artist: Terri Steiger
This hand print/photo holder ornament makes a lasting memory or your special little one. Ornament is dated 2014. On ornament: "little hands forever in my heart"
A memorable gift for new baby, baby shower, Baby's First Birthday or First Christmas.
New Home
3 3/8" H - 1795QGO1143
Artist: Terri Steiger
Commemorate a new home with this dated 2014 gingerbread house.
Always Remembered
Porcelain - 5 3/8" H - 1795QGO1146
Artist: Tammy Haddix & Becky Hottel
This seashell shaped ornament cradles a blue heart. On ornament: "Every life leaves something beautiful behind." Ornament charm is dated 2014. A caring gift to celebrate the life of someone special - for bereavement or the anniversary of a loss.
Season of Faith
Porcelain - 4 5/8" H - 1795QGO1183
Artist: Terri Steiger
Heart shaped porcelain ornament reads: "With Faith all things are possible."
Dated on the bottom of the cross. A lovely gift to celebrate faith - christening, baptism, confirmation, or every day.
3 5/8" H - 1795QHG1213
Artist: Debra Nielsen
Personalize this photo holder ornament with your graduate's photo. Dated 2014. On ornament: "Life is an adventure. Live it!" Perfect for High School or College graduation.
Happy Big Birthday
4 3/8" H - 1495QHG1216
Artist: Tom Best
Personalize this birthday ornament with the included stickers to celebrate birthday milestones. Stickers include 0-9, 30, 40, 50, 60
Photo Holder - 3 3/4" H - 1495QHG1226
Artist: Sharon Visker
Personalize this ornament with your photo and the included personalization sticker.
Personalization sticker reads: Nombre __________ Fecha _______
Display Stand
4" W x 9" H - 1495QHG1233
Display stand for the Keepsake Celebrations collection.
Expires: March 14, 2014


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